My Testimony & A Message to Other Followers of Christ

Hello, this is life after I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior! You can read my testimony of how I accepted Him “here!” 🙂

This isn’t going to be a regular “About me” page, for this is about how Christ has changed my life and how He continues to shape me into the young lady He wants me to become! This isn’t just my testimony, but it’s how I got to where I am today, so this page will constantly be updated! Many people think our testimonies stop after we accept Christ, but that is certainly not true, for we are constantly being molded and shaped into the person that Christ wants us to be! There are many believers who feel out of place, alone, or at the end of their rope, but who hasn’t been there? I just want to let you know that Jesus is with you, and that things get better, so here’s my story of how I overcame the world with Jesus and how I found strength, hope, and bravery through Christ!

When giving my life to Jesus Christ back a little before I was 13, Jesus transformed my life and that included many aspects that I thought could never be changed. He changed my pessimism into optimism, He changed my stage fright and shyness into a bold, outgoing nature, and He changed my fear into courage. Along with these changes, came the minor changes. I felt conviction when I found others doings things that I used to do, and I would have to decline joining them. I began to set apart from them, for I would be convicted when I would do things that I did before, but this was only the beginning of my walk with Christ.

It’s been six years since I’ve given my life to Christ, and I must say, the past six years have been the most wonderful years of my life. Though I’ve had troubles, hardships, and people come and go, Jesus never left my side. As my walk with Christ grew, so did the criticism. When I was a freshman in high school, there were people who would insult the way I believed, the way I held myself in situations, and the way I did things. I knew some people who were already having pregnancy scares, having a different love interest every week, getting arrested, and the list continued.

I felt out of place, and I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has felt this way before. Then, there came a time where enough was enough. I began to witness and testify to others, but this gave me two types of feedback; either people found Christ or they made fun of Him, but one thing was for sure; I was never ashamed of Him.

During my Freshman year, I got involved with social media. I had some friends yelling at me to make an Instagram and a Twitter, so I reluctantly did, and that’s when I decided to use my pages to spread the love of Christ. As time went on, I would occasionally get messages or tweets from people who were atheists or just plain rude. They would mock Jesus, my faith, and just about anything, but in return, I would share the love of Christ with them and leave it as that.

As I continued throughout high school as a Sophomore, I began to feel alone. I didn’t have many friends that held the same views I did. When I went on on social media, I would see how everyone was having fun or had a boyfriend, and I felt like the odd one out. This was the biggest mistake of my life! I began to get restless, I was praying “God, why can’t I have many friends” or “Why can’t I have a boyfriend? All of my friends are on their fifth while I’m not even on number one yet.”  

God heard me when I prayed those prayers, and He taught me a lesson. After I prayed every night for those things, I met a new friend and I met a guy, but both of them were poison wrapped in candy. I finally felt like I was “normal” or “like everyone else,” but that soon changed. That guy and I were dating, but it turned sour really fast. The first day we began dating, God was telling me to walk away and to let the guy go, but I didn’t. Instead of listening to God’s warnings, I found myself heartbroken again and again. I found out that he lied about being a follower of Christ, he was doing all of these things that were against God, and that “friend” turned out to be an enemy in disguise.

This lesson taught me to be careful what you ask for. When I got angry, I was angry for the wrong reasons, and I wasn’t realizing that I had Jesus! Jesus was always there to talk when I had no one and He would bring the right guy at the right time. After this, I trusted God with all situations that came my way.

Three years ago, my faith was tested, but I did not turn away. I ended up drawing closer to Christ, He soothed me, He comforted me, and I engaged in the Bible more than I ever had before!

On December 23 of 2016, I made this blog “Justified and Redeemed,” for I felt Him leading me to make this blog!

I had a blog before, but I wasn’t led to it like I was with this one! On Christmas Eve, I was on my computer and I was thinking about how we were justified and redeemed through Christ, and that’s when Jesus jumped in! Since then, my faith has blossomed, grown, and I haven’t been happier!

However, while writing this blog, I’ve had some criticism, but I didn’t stop for I trusted God with the direction that He was taking me. He’s taught me many lessons, I’ve been convicted of things that I didn’t even think were wrong, and I’ve become fearless for the Lord!

I know that there is someone out there who can relate to when I felt alone, went through a difficult time, or went through times of suffering, and that person doesn’t know what to do, yet the answer is right in front of you! When I was desperate, instead of turning to Christ, I turned towards what I thought was right! If you are in that situation, turn to Christ for you are saving yourself from disappointment! If you’re dealing with something devastating, turn to Jesus, for He will console you, comfort you, and take your hurt away, and if you’re going through persecution for your faith do not back down! Instead, be strong, be courageous, and never be ashamed! 

I shared my story and how I got here with you for a reason! If you think “I’ll never get out of this,” yes, you will, for God will be your strength! If you think “I’m alone,” no, you’re not, for God will never leave you or forsake you! Continue to stand strong in Christ even though we live in a world that is against Jesus, for Jesus is the best friend you could ever have.

I might not have as many friends as most people, I might not have experience in dating, and I might have been through some tough times and suffering, but that does not stop my walk with Christ nor does it stop Him from leading me to where He wants me to be, and the same goes for you! God is guiding you, and all you have to do is have faith! Though things seem to be crazy and sporadic right now, just trust in the Lord, for He knows the future and all things will work together for your good!

I hope that our Heavenly Father touches you and speaks to you as you read through my blog, and I pray over everyone who clicks on here! I pray that you find refuge in Christ, for He is the only one who can truly take away anything you are going through!

God bless you and I pray that you never lose hope, for Christ is always there every step of the way!



10 thoughts on “My Testimony & A Message to Other Followers of Christ

  1. I can deeply relate through your testimony, I am greatly blessed on how God uses brokenness to draw us closer to Him. Be strong and courageous sister. I believe that God will give you the best man! A man who will lead you closer to God and not to sin is always worth the wait 🙂

    You sister-in Christ,

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  2. God will bless you Christina, there aren’t many girls like you today! I can identify with your story on many different levels… I can promise you a trillion times over waiting for your husband and doing things God’s way will be worth it. There are godly men out there, just as there are godly women out there (although it certainly is hard to believe), God always has a remnant for himself even in this dark wicked sin cursed lie filled world… it is hard to trust God and wait, but also when you are saved, you cannot but! May God’s grace be upon you.

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  3. Your story here has blessed me today.
    I too have had to learn to live with very few (often zero) friends. The worldly people don’t like us as our Christ-centred morality is a constant irritant to them.
    I too gave in to starting a “relationship” with someone who was professing to be a Christian but he was full of twisted, controlling oddities. I have now learnt to be content and to put my focus more strongly on doing the works that God wants of me.
    Not my will, but God’s will be done.


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