About Me

My name is Christina Lee, and I am from North Carolina. I am just a young woman in her early twenties who is ever so passionate about elementary due to children being a blessing from the Lord. With that said, I am a college senior who is almost finished completing her degree in Elementary Education, and third grade is the place in which my heart is ever so passionate about due to their love for learning and creativity.


Other than teaching, I love writing, calligraphy, drawing, singing, my attempts of playing piano, cooking, and watercolor paintings. I am also an avid reader, and I am always in search of new books to read, and some of my favorite authors would be Jane Austen and C.S Lewis; however, there are a plethora of other authors that I love dearly.

In lighter words, I love dresses, all things feminine, and I am a coffee drinker, which can probably be classified as an addiction, for I began drinking coffee at the age of seven, and I think I am suffering the side effects, for I am 5’2, and as the old saying goes, “Coffee stunts your growth.”

In more serious words, my biggest desire is to be a young woman after God’s heart, and I hope this blog documents that. This blog is a single woman’s thoughts on dating and marriage, for I truly believe the world has love wrong, for the only way one can find the beautiful side of love is through Christ, for He is the Grand Author of love due to dying for us. Therefore, this is documentation of a fellow single woman’s desire to seek God while also giving Him the pen to my love life.

With that being said, I seek to have Christ shine through me, for all that I do is for His glory, so I hope this blog is edifying to you, and welcome to the blog “Justified and Redeemed.” This blog is for God’s glory not my own, and this is a place where I can documents the many thoughts, for writing is my ultimate passion; therefore, I pray for each person who reads my blog, and I thank you for reading! God bless!