You are Loved And He Beckons You Home

All around, so many people walk in brokenness as they go without the gentle reminder of who they are.

So many broken souls sitting in the pews,

So many broken hearts yearning for something to fill that void,

So many people walking around with smiles on their faces as they wage war with the battles unseen,

But maybe, just maybe, a simple reminder of “you are loved” can spark a flame inside of them that will have them running to the Savior’s arms, the arms that are outstretched and ready to embrace them. 

I might not know the brokenness in which your heart so deeply harbors, but if no one has told you this lately, then it will be said now. You are loved, cherished, valued, worthy, and forever beloved in the eyes of God who does not focus on our imperfections or past failures, but who focuses solely on our hearts in which He so loves. 

However, the astounding part of it all is that NOTHING can separate you from His love, for His love for you surpasses all the failures, all the doubts, and all the pain. That is the beauty of grace; the beauty of being drenched in perfect love that never stops pouring out on us, regardless of our brokenness.

If your heart is broken, He is the surgeon who will place the broken pieces back together.

If your soul is lonely, He is the friend who will never leave you or forsake you.

If your spirit is weighed down, He is the sustainer who will keep you afloat.

No matter how far or how wide your imperfections run, His grace forever overcomes past failures and sins and His mercy always prevails. Regardless of how deep the afflictions run, the Father is forever steadfast to bring rest to our hearts that are wounded and in pain.

So you can run back to the Father now, for His arms are wide open yearning to welcome you back home.

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