The Unrelenting Power of “Again”

Friend, there is a word the Lord has been laying on my heart as I reflect on His Word this morning and that word is the simple word of “again.” It isn’t a big word, it isn’t a theological term that seeps with theological knowledge, and it isn’t a word that is puffed up in pompous fashion, but it is a simple term penned in the everyday dictionary, but the meaning is oh, so sweet when looking at the Savior who died so the we could have an “again.”

With each day that passes and with each night that turns into a new morning, they are many people who are hurting, broken, and who are in desperate need of the Savior’s love being breathing into their bones. Many people walk around with burdens of pain, broken trust, and heartache burdening their hearts while all the while saying “I’m fine” when the truth couldn’t be far form it.

That could be you; burden down with pain, hurt, neglect, loss of love, rejection of love, broken trust, or broken promises. These are just a few of the immense feelings in which you are grappling with that could bring forth the isolated feeling of loneliness that feels cold to the soul as it crushes every fiber of hope you might have; telling you lies such as the future is bleak due to the pain.

Oh, but my dear and beloved friend, though the pain in which you feel is ever so great as taking a deep breath of air is a challenge in itself, there is beauty in “again,” for the Lord is faithful and keeps tender promises when it comes to His will for your life. How amazing it is that before you took your first breath, every single step in your life was ordained, written out, and planned by a God who doesn’t seek harm for you, but goo?

Oh, but how even more amazing is it that before you were even a thought, Christ still died for you as He hung on the cross with all the sins of the world boring on His shoulders with a weight ever so great that it could crush His bones right then and there, but such pain was endured so that we could live again.

He died so that you could live again in His presence.

He died so that you could live again in His grace.

He died so that you could live again in His splendor.

He died so that you could simply live again rather than continue to die the slow and painful spiritual death that we were all once doomed too, but now we have such a glorious and miraculous a way out and His name is Jesus; both God and man and who was and is to come.

My friend, I don’t know what pain you have been going through, but these words have been on my heart burning like a steady flame. People may have hurt you, wounds my still be bleeding, trust may have been broken, hearts may have been discarded, and the season you are walking many be like painful coal to your feet, but there is beauty in “again” and the beauty doesn’t end with this season.

One day, you will trust again.

One day, you will hope again.

One day you will have joy again.

One day you will have peace again.

One day you will find purpose again.

And one day you will love again.

For the same God clothed in perfection, holiness, and honor is the same God who stepped down from His throne into utter humanity to selflessly give us the process of “again,” which is eternal life in His name and His name alone. God isn’t done writing your story, for each and every broken, crumpled, and tear-stained page all play a part in weaving together a story that ends with the declaration of His glory and the declaration of His goodness.

Every sentence ends and begins again. 

Every turn of a page happens again.

Every chapter ends and begins again, 

And His story for you may seem as if it is ending with this chapter, but what you don’t realize is that there is another chapter beaconing to happen again as you sit wondering if this dry season will be the one to crush you. If only you knew of the beauty God had in store for you; beauty that reflects His will that is drenched in ways that are far better than yours. Therefore, dear friend, let go of the hurt, let go pf the pain, let go do the trespasses, and let go of the walls in which you are building up, for there is a beauty in the unrelenting power of again, and while it may seem as if you’ll never be able to begin “again,” one day you will.

In God’s perfect timing, you will begin again as you look back at the old chapters and realize how God was right beside you all along holding the pen, guiding the narrative, and loving you at the same time. As long as you have breaths flowing through your veins, your story will continue to begin again, and as you take your last breath and enter into eternity, everyday with the Lord shall begins again, and again, and again without ceasing.

Regardless of the season, regardless of the pain, and regardless of the moment in which you are going through, no forces of death, pain, shame, or brokenness can take it away, for the power of again belongs only to the Lord, and that’s a promise He shall forever keep.

There is power in again, for Christ breathed power into such a word when He said “It is finished.” When Christ breathed such powerful and raspy words as He hung on the cross, the story was won, the narrative was set in stone, and the beautiful process of again could begin in the hearts of millions as His ministry was complete; the ministry to bring grace and salvation to all who would hear, all who would believe, all who would fellowship with Him, and to all who would allow Him to begin again anew in their hearts.

That, my friends, is the hope you will forever have; the power of again. You may be hurting, you may be in a season of drought, you may have trust that is broken, and you may be going through a pain that seems to be never ending as it grips the very heart in which Christ died for, but the faithfulness of God endures through every painful night, but though there is pain in the night, there will be an “again” for you both in this earthly life and in your enteral life with Jesus.

When all is said and done and the page finally turns whether it is with your next breath or with your last, the one word that will be forever etched on the page is “again,” for joy, beauty, and hope shall come again, breathe again, and be lavished with you again.

No matter what valley, mountain top, or dry desert you find yourself in, the beautiful splendor of the Lord is that no matter how far you run, you can always run back to Him again, and again, and again as His arms will be outstretched longing for your return.

So find truth in His words, my dear friend, for there is power in again; a power that Christ breathed as He died for us and a power that not even Satan himself can crush, for our again is in Him and Him alone.

So find beauty in again, for as you breathe right now as your heart beats in time with God’s will, He is making ways for you yet again; ways that are far better than what they eye could ever see.

“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
“Therefore I hope in Him!”” Lamentations 3:22-24

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