He is Turning Graves Into Gardens

We walk in a world where many people feel as if their lives speak more to a grave than to a garden; a grave that has harbored death to the spirit, death to the soul, and death to every facet of who they are. Their hearts hold onto wounds in which they cannot let go of, their hearts hold onto pain that has once been afflicted, and their eyes see through a fractured lens that causes them to see ashes for doom rather than ashes for beauty.

Many people walk around with smiles upon their faces, but with hearts that echo cries of brokenness. Many of the same people who breathe the words of “I am fine” are fighting a battle of holding onto faith while trying to water the grave that can hold no life, no bloom, and no flower. Oh, how many people who are among us live in graves and not gardens, but there is One who is entering the graves, who is entering the broken places, and who is bring forth a spring of life with the well of hope that is rising up.

He is Jesus; the One who is the well of Living Water that shall never allow one to thirst again once drinking from such a well

“but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14

The Lord is coming into the broken spaces and cleaning up the ashes that have resulted from chaos. Every battered flower, every broken pot, and every tear that has been shed is being wiped away as the Lord pours His Living Water on every facet of the garden; the garden that once sung of joy, but now sings a song of mourning due to the grave in which it is entrenched. Oh, but the grave, the grave in which their hearts have harbored, have no hold on the Lord, for the same One who defeated the very grave of death is here to make our personal graves into gardens.

Garden of beauty.

Gardens of life.

Gardens of splendor.

Gardens of truth.

Gardens that echo the Lord’s praise with a new melody as He is forever glorified.

I don’t know if your heart is more of a grave than a garden due to brokenness, flaws, troubles, or battles in which you though were over. Maybe the chains in which you have been carrying for far too long were weighing upon you to point where you broke down into utter grief. Maybe you tried to do things your own way and now think “it’s all ruined,” and maybe you feel as if the ashes are all consuming as they close you in. However, with the Lord and His mercy, He can breathe life to your garden again; life that will turn mourning into joy, ruined plans into far better plans than what we could ever imagine, and broken dreams into hope of the future.

You may be looking at the “grave” in which you stand wondering “How did this occur” as your eyes fill with tears of defeat while looking at the wrecked garden you so desperately worked on; the wreckage caused by brokenness, flaws, and fear of the unknown. The water that flowed from such a garden has been dried up, the life that used to live has died, and the garden is more of sorrowful grave that it is a life-breathing garden. However, even in the midst of the desert, the Lord can bring forth life ever so sweet and water ever so refreshing to the soul.

The truth is, is that your brokenness, your utterly raw and broken garden, is welcome here just as it was and is with Christ.

Ever facet of your soul, ever tear you have cried, and the very fabric of who you are is welcome here, for you are altogether lovely in His sight. Though the garden in which you have built has been destroyed and trampled upon, Christ is coming to clean the mess, to fix the wreckage, and to bring forth a new garden that sings His praises, for He makes all things new as new life springs forth Hope that sings His eternal praises.

You might be in your “grave” due to being stuck, due to not knowing what to do, or due to wanting to do things your way, which has turned your path into a stormy sea while your bones ache due to sheer tiredness. As you sought what you wanted, the life in the garden has died, and you now sit in the middle of the grave crying, weeping, and wondering if such things could come alive again.

Oh, but it can, for the Lord is coming to your grave and is making it into a garden; a garden that no longer weeps, but drinks of the living Water as it shall never, ever thirst again.

The Lord is turning your ashes into beauty.

The Lord is turning your aching bones into strong bones.

The Lord is turning your tears into joy

The Lord is turning your stormy sea into a guided path.

And the Lord, perfect in all of His ways, is turning your grave which you have harbored into a beautiful garden that echos the tender mercies of Christ that are new every morning.

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.  They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.  “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!”” Lamentations 3:22-24

That is the beauty of grace; the beauty that goes into our lamenting, our afflictions, and our deeply rooted pains that ache our souls as we try to keep it together, but what if we didn’t keep it together in His presence? What if we put down the facade of “being fine” and truly just fell to the feet of the throne while lamenting? This, my friends, is the beauty of Lamentations; a book of sheer and utter brokenness with a burned city, and yet the Lord with His compassionate mercy gave them new mercies every single morning.

Therefore, it’s okay to fall to the feet of the throne while saying, “Lord, I give you the pen as I surrender what I want for you,” for once we breathe such words with a broken and raspy voice longing for His tenderness, we will see His mercies, peace, comfort, and joy, for it was never our job to do His job, but it was our job to rejoice in Him and trust in Him and His faithfulness.

The Lord will make beauty out of the grave in which your soul has cultivated; the grave that has roots of brokenness, your ways over His ways, and your fears you have had for such a long time. He will turn such a grave into a garden that brings forth new fruit, new joy, and peace ever so divine, but are we willing to give the pot and soil over to the Lord? Are we willing to make Him the Living Water even if it means surrendering what we wanted to plan and harvest?

Even if the Lord uproots any plans that we thought would be beautiful and splendid, the Lord will plant the seeds of what He wants for us, which will bring forth life and joy in ways we never thought would be possible. Therefore, may we put down the shovels, the pots, and the pen to our lives and may we surrender to the Living Water; the One is the best at being God and the one who thinks thoughts of good and not evil towards us.

“Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”” Revelation 21:5

He is turning graves into gardens, but we must first drop the shove while falling to our knees in humility in order for Him to pour out the living water in which will bring forth such a abundant garden. Therefore, drop your shovels, for you are only digging a deeper hole of graves, but fall to your knees and allow Him to bring forth a harvest of fresh blooms that echo life to your bones as you sing His magnificent glory.

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