My Perspective Since Leaving Social Media to Seek His Kingdom

Social media; something I deleted a week ago in seek of the Lord and His kingdom. However, I ended up logging into social media today and I instantly deleted my apps again after replying to the messages of people who wanted my number. However, I did look around my feed a little bit, I watched a few Ben Shapiro videos, and then I deleted the apps once more due to replying to those who needed answers. With that being said, my phone is bland as bland can be due to the bare spaces that once bore my social media apps.




And so forth are all gone, gone, and gone.

The only apps I have now are my organizational apps, my graphic design app, and my rewards apps where I can get free deals at the places I shop, but other than that, my phone could be considered the phone of a person who is not born in the Millennial era. However, if I must confess and be honest, unplugging from social media is not hard for me, for I’ve done it before on occasion, but this time, I have a feeling that I am going to be gone longer than what I have been in the past.

Honestly, I am tired of seeing the unfulfilling relationships on social media, double-sided narratives, the endless posts of toxicity, and then the arguments began to become too much. As a Conservative woman, I love a “civil” discussion on such matters, but when it becomes a ruthless battle, it becomes uninteresting very quickly, for I believe in mature discussion and exchanging facts, not charged feelings that cannot be controlled.

Anyways, the older I become, the less interested I am in social media. I am now venturing more and more into my twenties, which has resulted in me evaluating what has my time and attention. Besides, as a woman who wants to begin a family now, wasting time on social media isn’t going to make the clock go by any faster; therefore, I am investing my time elsewhere and where it matters the most; in the Word.

I have fully devoted my time and attention to the Lord as I grow in Him, and I have fully surrendered my wants and my plans before His throne in seek of the sweeter song that dwells in His presence, and it has been a literal heaven for my soul. However, not only that, but I also go to church three times a week now due to joining a new small group that has begun; therefore, spending constant time online isn’t possible for me, for I have priorities elsewhere.

Jesus, the Word, church, my small group, and getting ready to begin a new school that I’ve never heard of, I have to prepare for these seasons in which the Lord has laid before me. Besides, if I claim to want to be a wife one day, I need to spend less time on social media and more time asking the Lord about my character, what my heart is entertaining, and falling more in love with the Lord, for He is more important to me than anything.

However, as I logged on today to do some housekeeping, I instantly felt negativity when looking at my feed, which didn’t sit well with me. The older I become, the more I enjoy peace and tranquility, and even though I am an ENFJ and a type 2 ennegram, I am finding myself realizing that “not all that glitters is gold,” which made me delete my apps all over again.

My walk with the Lord has blossomed like never before, for I have more time to get into the Word, watch endless sermons, and devout my time to shaping my character to be more like the woman the Lord needs me to be, and I don’t want anything to tarnish that. Social media has become less about socializing to more about gaining something, finding something, or proving something, which isn’t what it was meant to be. What happened to sharing photos of babies, cookouts, and birthdays? Instead of doing such things, we now threaten to “unfriend” people over their political views to blocking people over the most trivial things, which screams “dysfunctional.”

However, I have learned many things as I have been unplugging, and while it has only been a week of being away, this past week has been an edifying week for my walk with the Lord. Therefore, I thought I would share my perspective of being shut off from social media with only the Lord, the Word, and me, and let me tell you, it has been ever so sweet and filled with splendor. 

I have been able to become more of a well-watered woman who seeks to be deeply rooted as she seeks the throne of Christ

“but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”” John 4:14

While I was passionate about being a woman who was well-watered before, I have become even more passionate about being such a woman as I disconnected from social media, for I wanted to dedicate my entire attention to growing the Lord and seeking His Kingdom. From watching endless sermons from John Piper and John Bevere to reading the Word endlessly as I made my prayer life strong, the Lord has been pruning me and shaping me into that said woman; a woman who drinks deeply from the well so she shall never thirst again.

It is crucial that we ensure that there are no distractions in our walk with the Lord, for the Lord is ever too precious for us to place anything above Him. Our relationships, marriages,jobs and so forth should always reflect the attention back to Christ and if it doesn’t, then something needs to be evaluated, for if Christ is not the rock in which you stand on, then you will fall when a storm passes by.

Having well-watered faith brings full contentment in the Lord, it brings full knowing that the Lord is able to do as He said, and it also connects us with the Lord in deeper ways other than just going to church, for while church is important, we need nourish our walks with the Lord with the Word and getting in His presence or else we will never grow.

“There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12

This time away from social media has given me time to do just that; nourish my walk with Christ as I seek Him and His will, for when we begin spending much time away from the Lord, it will only be a matter of time that we get lost in distractions that seem to be good, but rather lead to our destruction.

I have been able to ask the Lord to remove things that may be in my character that hinder me from being a woman who represents Him and His glory. 

“Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
 And see if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.” Psalm 139:23-24

I truly believe in examining where we stand in the Lord frequently, for while we may think we are close to the Lord, there could be something in our walks with Him that are distractions or are not good for us when seeking Him and His Kingdom. Therefore, I have truly been able to seek conviction about things that I had no idea about in my charterer that did not represent Christ and His glory, which then resulted me to go into faithful prayer to become the woman He needs me to be. 

If you are unable to admit that you have character flaws, then that is a sign of spiritual immaturity, and I will be the first to admit that I need to trust the Lord more, I need to learn to not worry as much, and I need to learn how to go to prayer first rather than resorting to anxious worry. Furthermore, I’ve truly been able to ask the Lord for unshakable faith as I seek His throne, I have been able to deeply root myself into the Word, and I have been able to well-water my faith as a woman who seeks Him and His glory. (However, though we acknowledge such flaws, we must seek change in the Lord, for true maturity comes from a heart willing to change, for actions speak louder than words.)

Our faith should be well watered, which reminds me of the mustard seed. Our faith is like a plant, and the more you water a plant, the more it blooms, but the more you neglect the plant, the higher the chances of it shriveling and dying. Furthermore, I want to be a woman who blooms with grace, who blooms in steadfast love of the Lord, and who blooms with strong faith even in the test of afflictions, for He is the same today as He is tomorrow and He shall ever fail us.

My joy has been ever so deepened as I seek His presence, which is something that no person or social media can give you.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.” Proverbs 31:26

My joy in the Lord has been ever so tender to me as I grow in His grace and mercy, and the one thing that I tell myself each day as I wake up is to be a woman with kindness on her heart and wisdom on her tongue, for both things are virtues unknown to our current world. The more time I spend with the Lord, the more content I find myself in Him and His presence, which is more fulfilling than anything else.

We have many people who are in broken relationships, unfulfilling relationships, or are in seasons that they take advantage of due to wanting to “get to the next season,” but there is joy to be found in our current season, and until we find that joy in Christ, no person or thing will ever be able to show us the joy in the Lord in the long run. While things or people may bring temporary fulfillment, in the end, “not all that glitters is gold,” but joy in the Lord last forever and ever.

Therefore, this has been my life without social media, and it has been ever so precious as I grow in Him and His grace as a young woman. I desire to grow in the Lord, to become a more mature woman, and to grow in kindness, truth, and grace. With that being said, social media has been put on hold for me to become such a woman, for who I am becoming is a woman who breathes His grace as she exhales His mercy.

“Keep your heart with all diligence,
For out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

My life has been ever so joyful and content in Him, and I wish that for everyone. If you are getting your entire source joy by placing something above the Lord, it will crash and burn, for the Lord will not be competed with. It may glitter now, it may look good now, but eventually, it will become your worst nightmare as the Lord pulls the sheet off what you have been allowing to enter your heart.

Therefore, seek the Lord, seek His grace, seek His presence, and everything else will come together fully and perfectly in His timing.

Choose faith.

Choose grace.

Choose joy,

But most importantly, choose Jesus, for you will never go wrong with choosing the one who surrendered His all so that you may be whole.

(P.S, I am overly happy right now as I write this. Maybe it’s from the 5 cups of coffee or maybe it’s from my genuine happiness that I have been experiencing in the Lord, but whichever it is, I am here to attest that there IS a fullness of joy to be found in the Lord, but you must be willing to give up the the temporary joy that you have placed above Him in order to find the everlasting joy.)


9 thoughts on “My Perspective Since Leaving Social Media to Seek His Kingdom

  1. I spent a few weeks off of Facebook (the only social media that really distracts me) and it was soooo edifying. I recharged, I was more optimistic, I was thinking about God more. Kudos to you for examining yourself for spiritual areas that need growth! Very important and wise.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, and I could not agree more with the edification and optimism that comes with stepping back from social media. It is eye-opening to see much of a distraction social media really can be once we unplug, but the joy and closeness we reap in the Lord due to doing so will forever be worth it. God bless you and have a wonderful rest of your night! 🙂


  2. I too went on a social media haitus for over a month. I found it to be so refreshing as I too was able to spend more time at the feet of Jesus. It’s not only helped me grow, but I’ve been pruned. My heart was cluttered with things that I thought were gone, but He revealed the hidden things in me and we dealt with them. I returned to social media recently after direction from the Lord to start a new Instagram page to coincide with my new blog. But I’m careful and aware to limit when and how long to be on. Which is enough to post. Respond and then done until a few days later. We most definitely need to be a witness in this world, but in order to do that we need to see His face.

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  3. That is so amazing to read! Being pruned is a tender process that is forever precious when we step back from social media, for we are given more time to look closely at our hearts and examine the things in which our hearts are captured by. Though it can be convicting, it brings forth good fruit that reflects His glory in our hearts while ridding ourselves of the fruit and bad branches that need to be pruned and cleaned. God bless you and I pray for abundant blessings in your walk with the Lord! 🙂

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  4. I don’t blame you, Christina! I did away with Twitter, Instagram (only had for a few days), and other social medias except for FB and WP, and of course store apps and bible app. On FB I have strict privacy, some friends as Restricted, and snooze and block a lot. I only keep FB because of live feed for church and sermons, as well as church group stuff and missionaries. Snoozing people has surprised me with helping me to narrow down just who tends to stress me. God surprises me.
    I pray for you. This fighting is so sad. Social media can be the blessing God allows it to be if we were to behave. Praise God that you would rather seek Him. You make me think on the hymn…. I’d rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today.
    God loves you, Sister!

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    1. That is a good system to have, Gail, and I couldn’t agree more about social media being a good thing to use if others would use it the right way. Sadly, with all of the chaos that is happening, social media has become more of a war zone than an place to spread the Lord. Hopefully, this changes, for there are many people who are in need of Him, for social media can impact so many people if used for the Lord and His kingdom! God bless you, ,Gail! 🙂

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  5. I am going on my FB hiatus right now to focus and re-think on my romantic relationship relative to my future endeavors.
    But I will like you to reconsider your stance, ma. We can’t leave that space for ungodly people, we just can’t. We need people like you,me and other Christian social media users to change the narratives digitally by telling our faith stories i.e creating a Zion ecosyster in wildlife Babylon.


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