4 Reasons On Why I’m a Conservative Woman

And the clock has, or is about to, hit 12!

Happy Fourth of July even though it is just the beginning moments of Independence day.

Anyways, as I have written many times before, I am a Conservative woman, and anyone who knows me knows that politics is my love language. I could talk about anything political all day long from polices, to Ronald Reagan, to how I think James Buchanan and FDR were our worst presidents, and to how I find Paul Ryan quite attractive. With that being said, I could talk a lot about any of these issues, and yes before going any further, I do in fact think Paul Ryan is an attractive man to which I was quite saddened when he stepped down as Speaker due to it meaning I can’t see his face that often in Washington. (I thought this post could use a little light-hearted political humor before getting into the nitty gritty.)

But that is besides the point, for this post is really passionate to me and who I am as a woman; a Conservative woman at that. 

I am a Conservative woman with Conservative values, which is very taboo and obscure in our current day world where a lot of people jump on bandwagon while believing as everyone else regardless of the polices in which they are supporting. Due to the Left silencing Conservatives, I thought I would explain why I am a true Conservative woman, for in the world of only one narrative, it’s time to switch it up. Therefore, from the words of a Conservative, here are 4 reasons on why I am a Conservative, but I could go on forevermore.

I am a Conservative for I believe in free thinking rather than subjecting myself to the one-sided leftist ideologies that are hypocritical and drenched in double standards.

Currently, it is quite apparent that the nation in which we live in is trying to since all Conservatives into silence as the Feminist social justice warriors speak loudly over the issues in which they believe in. Furthermore, it is apparent that the nation in which we live in is becoming fully submerged into one-sided thinking that only supports leftist ideologies rather than supporting the ideals of free thinking as our founding fathers once wanted for the land of the free

Therefore, I am a Conservative woman for I believe in free-thinking rather than thinking like the crowd. Free speech is not just subjected to liberals or leftist organizations, but it is subjected to every American who lives in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I find it quote ironic that liberals claim to be “tolerant” and yet they are they very ones who want to silence Conservatives due to our views being different from theirs, which shows us the double standards in which their party contains.

As a Conservative woman, I do not believe in double standards or hypocrisy, which is why I cannot, and will not, be apart of a party who chooses double standards over the Constitutional freedoms in which we were founded upon. Therefore, I am a Conservative due to being a free thinker who supports free speech, Capitalism, limited government, and the rights of the states.

I am Conservative, for I am not a victim as feminists or other social justice warriors want me to “believe.”

The one thing I hate more politically is how people tell me “how I should feel” as a woman. People always say that “I should feel angry” that men so call “oppress” me, which is not true by any means. In the end, I am not victim because I am a woman, and while many women love to tell men that they will never understand what it is like to be a woman, I refuse to give into that rhetoric, for it is demeaning and wrong of women to do so, hence the reason I am not a Modern-Day feminist.

Just because I am a woman does not mean I am a victim who deserves special treatment from the government.

Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I go protesting down the streets for rights that I already have, for I have many rights in America that women in other countries don’t have.

Just because I am a woman does not mean I scream at men or demand that they “understand” when they did not ask to be a man when God created them.

Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I cry “woe to me” in the freest nation in the world.

Sadly, in our current world, we live in this victimhood mentality where everyone is a victim for something. The left believes that if you are a woman, you should feel victimized by men or always afraid of the bad people in the world or if you are anything or anyone for that matter, the left says that you should feel offended and victimized in some way, shape, or form. This mentality is lethal our freedom, for it places us into captivity rather than allowing us to embrace being free.

In the end, everyone is born with the same equal opportunity; however, you are not granted the same equal outcome, for only you can decide how your life goes and only you have the choice to decide how your life turns out. No one else is responsible for your actions other than you; therefore, the victimization ideology of everyone being against everyone is causing people to take less accountability for their actions while pinning their actions them on someone else who is innocent and had nothing to do with their life choices.

Therefore, I am a Conservative for I do not believe in being a victim in a free nation, but instead, I believe in only taking accountability when I know I did something wrong rather than taking the blame of the mistakes of others that I had no control over, for I don’t need the government to coddle me, for I am not a victim as they want me to feel.

I am a Conservative, for I protect the life of the unborn

The most important part about Conservatism for me is the unborn, for in the era in which we live in, many women scream “my body, my choice” when the lie inside the womb is not apart of their body, for it is another life that has the right to live. Therefore, I am a defender of life, for who are we to dictate if a human should live or die and who are we to end a life when that life is guilty of nothing?

Therefore, I believe being a voice for the voices that cannot speak, for many babies have died in the name of “reproductive rights” rather than being viewed as human beings who deserve to be loved and cherished. In the end, one day, America will look back and view abortion as another Holocaust type event, for the unborn are not considered humans when in reality they are.

Therefore, if America is so called “passionate” on being on the “right side of history,” then I am going to do so by being a supporter of the unborn, for they are worthy of life regardless of what anyone screams down the streets of Capitol Hill.

I am simply Conservative, for the facts do not care about one’s feelings. 

In the end, it is purely simply as Ben Shapiro puts it. I am a Conservative, for facts do not care about one’s feelings. I believe in standing truth, facts, and evidence gracefully and boldly rather than being guided in how I feel. My feelings are not always truth; therefore, I choose to be guide by the truth, which is is not dependent pn my feelings.

I do not believe in being guided by feelings, for when one is guided by feelings, they will be swayed in every direction rather than taking a firm stance. Our feelings do not outweigh the facts or the truth, and yet our nation has made it a mission to erase any history or facts that do nto make us feel good, which shows us the lawless actions  that are running rap ant in our society.

ANTIFA, Socialism, tyrannical uprisings, and so forth have no room in the the nation in which we claim to love. Therefore, as a Conservative woman, I believe in facts over feelings, and even though you are offended by something, your offense does not mean it isn’t right. Just because something doesn’t feel good or sound good does not mean we disregard it as a lie or a myth, but instead, may we look at the facts and evidence rather than searching for  how we feel.

In the end, I am a Conservative woman who just wants to wear pink and tell you how she feels about politics. In the world in which we live in where you barely hear Conservative women speaking out, I thought I would speak out as the clock has now hit July 4th.

Therefore, to begin the fourth, I will conclude with a quite from the none other Ronald Reagan who was the best president this nation has ever had.

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9





2 thoughts on “4 Reasons On Why I’m a Conservative Woman

  1. You go, girl! Christians have been standing down for too long, being told separation of church and state is don’t get involved in law, business, politics… We have taken the salt and light of the Gospel out of politics and the marketplace. It’s time we put it back in!

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    1. Amen, I most certainly agree. I also believe that Christians in modern day times have become too afraid to call out things that they know is wrong due to fear of losing status or things in which they love, which is also wrong. In today’s day, we need to speak out against the things in which people in our government are pushing, for one day, those very things will cause limitations in how we worship and praise the Lord. God bless you and thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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