The Father; Ever so Affectionate Within Our Afflictions

The affections of the Father; ever so deep, lovely, and captivating as I humbly fall in His presence while full surrender encompasses me.

The Lord, both perfect and worthy, loved ever so deeply to suffer and die so that we may dwell in His presence forever. The Lord, both God and man, stepped down from His throne to become a humble man of utter humanity so that we may taste of the sweeter joy within His everlasting name.

That is the Father; ever so affectionate towards us even in our unworthiness of His streams of mercies that flow ever so gently, tenderly, and graciously. How unworthy we are of a God who did not come as a rich man lavished with goods, but rather with a humble heart that washed the very feet of the ones He would die for.

That is the Father; ever so compassionate and tender.

Oh, but the glorious thing about the Father; the most beautiful and intricate thing about His name, splendor, and wonder is His affection. His sweet, sweet affection that pours over us in endless streams as His hand wipes away the tears in which we cry ever so gently. The soft and still voice in which He speaks that calms the waves that have our soul captive; that is the beauty of the Lord in the deepest form.

This is the beauty of a Father being affectionate in the midst of our afflictions.

Though the wilderness in which we walk is dry, desolate, and yearns to wreck havoc in our soul as it kills us with thirst, the Lord will give us rest as we drink from the Living Water in which He is, for those who drink from the well shall never thirst again.

Though the tears in which we cry echo the painful melody, the Lord is steadfast in allowing the season of tears before the season of joy, for while there is pain in the night of which we cry, there shall be joy in the morning.

Though the afflictions in which we feel seem to be never-ending, the Father is forever affectionate within such afflictions, and it is His love that is greater, stronger, and more powerful than the battles and woes that our hearts endure.

This is the beauty of the Lord. The beauty in being loved ever so deeply by the Father who stepped down and was slain for us to be captivated by such a beautiful love story; a beautiful love story than turns afflictions into affections and tears into joy.

Oh, how tender it is to be loved and known by Him; a faithful and good God who knew of the fall of man before it ever occurred, yet still decided to die out of love for us. Oh, how blessed we shall forever be to have Him whisper tender mercies upon us as we cry out to Him within the pain of the night.

These are the affections of the Father; affections ever so deep, ever so loving, and ever so passionate towards our soul as we sing “Great is our Lord.” As we sing of such beautiful and intricate praises, may we count ever blessing, may we lift up our eyes toward Him and Him alone, and may we never forget of His tender and wonderful grace.

One day when the tears are dried and we stand on the edge of the wilderness towards the promise land filled with the promises and splendor of God, we will go from singing the painful medley in which our hearts were entwined by in exchange for the sweeter song that echoes of the praises of the Lord.

However, until that time comes that we sing the sweeter song of joy and everlasting praise unto His name, may we sing of such praises in the painful melody, for as we go through the pain of the night, His affections are forever great and worthy of our praise and adoration.

This is the Lord; a God who not only wants our good days, but also the bad days where we find ourselves in pure tears and unknown fear, for He died not only so we could be free, but so that we may also fall in utter love and trust of who He is.

Oh, Jesus, forever are you affectionate within our afflictions.
Forever shall you pour your love over us.
Forever are you good, and forever shall you be worthy.
Oh, Jesus, no matter the season or the day that I shall go through, may my heart forever sing, “The Father is affectionate within our afflictions,” for that is forever what you shall be.

 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”  2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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