A Christian’s Response to “Cancel Culture:” “He Who is Without Sin, Throw The First Stone”

Cancel Culture;

Something that is quite immature, stupid, and quite chaotic in the times in which we live in, for only in America can you be punished over something ever so trivial or insignificant over something that might have happened years ago. However, that is not the point in which I am trying to make, for this culture in which we are living in has become quite toxic, overbearing, and less understanding and graceful at every moment that continues to pass by.

I oftentimes find myself at a crossroads in how I respond. The Conservative woman in me wants to speak on terms of Conservatism,, but then the Christian in me wants to breathe out grace, Jesus, and understanding as I seek the Lord and His throne. In the end, I am a Christian before I am a Conservative; therefore, the graceful side of Christ outweighs everything else, but when you are placed in this culture of “only being allowed to think one way,” it becomes quite overbearing for one to take.

However, this is not a political post, nor is it going to be a post where you are told what is right or wrong, but this post is going to take us back to a woman that has been forgotten; a woman that many in America need a refreshment on as we continue to plunge in the toxic web of “Cancel Culture.”

As many are aware, we live in a never-ending cycle of cancelling people if they say or do something that is not of the typical way of thinking or doing in years past. While it is never okay to condone actions that are not right, people can change and people are imperfect; therefore, to go to extreme lengths such as ruining someone’s career or cancelling them into the oblivion is not the Christ-like response, nor will it ever be.

However, it is quite obvious that Jesus is no longer prevalent in our society, for it began with taking God out of schools, prayer out of schools, and so forth. With such a decline, it would not be long until we forgot the rule of “Love God, love others” as we digress into moral decay and corruption ever so deep, which has now stooped to the era of “Canceling whoever may be imperfect or a free thinker.”

Many people want this to change, they want cancel culture to end, and yet they constantly find themselves in the cycle of grabbing pitchforks while cancelling someone else time and time again. Therefore, what is the answer? What is the solution? How does one end “Cancel Culture?” More importantly, what is the Christian response to such a culture that “stones” someone for their transgressions in such a public light?

This brings us to a woman; a woman who was almost stoned publicly for her sin, and that woman is none other than Mary Magdalene. If “Cancel Culture’ existed back when Mary Magdalene was alive, she would have been the next victim of such a toxic system, for she was caught in adultery against her husband while being threatened to be stoned. However, as the men threw her on the ground with stones in hand, Jesus silenced them and told them, “He who is without the first sin can throw the first stone.”

Every single person dropped their stones and walked away as Jesus asked her where we accusers were.

They were gone.

Did Jesus condone the actions of Mary Magdalene? Of course not, for He told her to go and “sin no more” as He picked her up from the ashes of the dirt in which she was thrown upon, but this is the response that we need right now; the response of breathing in Jesus and exhaling grace. 

We live in a time where understanding, grace, and compassion are “nomore” due to everyone being more focused about getting their agenda across rather than breathing grace to the ones around them, which has resulted in such a society known as “Cancel Culture.” We live in a nation where if you don’t think, feel, or believe a certain way, you are instantly discarded and forgotten as if you were never important.

So when they continued asking Him, He [a]raised Himself up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”” John 8:7

Contrary to this thinking, the One who had the right to throw a stone never threw one, and yet we as imperfect humans have somehow believed that we have the right to throw stones at every single person who makes a mistake, which is ever so flawed. Jesus, both perfect and holy, did not come into the world to condemn it, but He came to save it, and yet we are the very ones who condemn each other when we are all filled with sin that placed Christ on the cross.

Who are we to “cancel” each other when Christ is the one who made the men throw there stones to the ground in shame rather than condoning them to throw those very stones? As a Christian, I find it quite appalling of the lack of grace that is in our society, for Christ did not have to show us grace and yet He did.

Christ did not have to be understanding as many spoke to others as He broke bread with them, and yet He was. Christ did not have to wash the very feet of those who He would die for, and yet He did. Christ did not have to heal those who would end up forgetting Him, and yet He still healed them. Christ did not have to step dim from His glorious throne to die for us, and yet He still did due to His love for us. 

However, we imperfect people taken it upon ourselves to cancel someone for a mistake rather than showing them grace and compassion as Christ did, which I find heartbreaking. Rather than hearing someone out, we shut our ears while yelling above them, and rather than forgiving them, we choose to condemn them publicly, which makes us the very men with the stones who yearned to stone Mary Magdalene; the woman who Christ spared due to His love for her.

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,
Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

Therefore, if we really want to see change in this so called “Cancel Culture,” it begins with being more like Jesus and spread more grace, for there are many broken souls who are in need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This cancel culture where we hunt people down for their mistakes is not gong to show them Christ, but breathing Jesus into their lives as we tell them that Christ died for them even though they were unworthy is going to show them Jesus rather than stoning them with condemnation.

When Christ spoke the words “It is finished,” He defeated the grave, guilt, and condemnation; therefore, rather than speaking words of death to others, let us speak words of life that come from Christ and His grace in which He shed for us. When we begin viewing every person as being a person that was made in the image of God, then we will begin to view them as people that Christ suffered for as well. Furthermore, when we view people as being died for, we will want to share with them the grace that is in Christ so that can be can free.

“A soft answer turns away wrath,
But a harsh word stirs up anger.
The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly,
But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.” Proverbs 15:1-2

Does this mean we don’t share truth? No, but there is a right way and a wrong way in sharing truth, for one should have a soft answer, for wrath stirs the heart to work against the grace of God rather than for it. However, Cancel Culture is not of the grace of Jesus. Instead, it is the exact opposite.

Instead of being quick to condemn someone, let us be soft at sharing the grace of Jesus so that they may find everlasting freedom in the grace of Jesus.

Instead of being quick to throw words of wrath, let us be slow to anger as Christ was to us, for Christ has the right to throw stones at us, but chose to die for us instead.

Instead of viewing ourselves as better than others, let us remember that we were once as them until Christ came into our lives to set us free.

As a Christian, the culture in which we live in that”cancels everyone’ breaks my heart, for that is the very thinking is what Christ redeemed us from. Christ redeemed us from condemnation, Christ redeemed us from having a heavy yolk placed around our necks, and Christ redeemed us so that we could be free, and yet the world has striven to place us back into captivity by picking up stones and throwing them at us until we are beaten to death or into silence.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.” Proverbs 31:26

As Christians, let us be slow to speak and quick to understanding, let us be slow to anger and quick to loving as Christ, and let us breathe in Jesus as we exhale grace, for there are too many broken people in this world to miss out on Jesus, for tomorrow is never promised. While we should speak up for what is Biblically right or wrong and while we should share the truth in reproof, we must also do so in a way that is seasoned with salt and grace, for He did that very think with us.

Our nation needs to turn back to God again, our nation needs to realize that Christ died so that we could be free from legalistic expectations. However, most importantly, our nation needs to go back to the love of Jesus by falling to the throne of Christ while allowing Him back in, for He is the answer, not “the enemy” as many claim Him to be.

Our nation needs to go back to the grace that is found in Christ.

And a perfect place to begin is with Jesus refusing to cast the first stone, for He loved us so much, that He took the suffering of the stone for us.

4 thoughts on “A Christian’s Response to “Cancel Culture:” “He Who is Without Sin, Throw The First Stone”

  1. I love that passage for what’s happening today. Jesus’ Word is always relevant! We all have our stones, humility and grace is how we are to react to the shortcomings of others (and our own).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cancel Culture is a prominent factor in America where if you do or say something that isn’t in accordance with mainstream thinking, you are discarded in ways such as losing your job or reputation. Cancel Culture has gone so far as to cancel people for the most trivial mistakes or having a difference in political opinion.


      1. Ooh that’s really harsh and judgemental! More than ever, we need the love of Christ in our heart and to radiate it in the world. It should not mean that we are not firm in our beliefs or lax in our convictions.

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