Dear Taylor Swift, I Don’t Care About Being “The Man”

By this point, I am quite sure we have all heard or seen the new music video by Miss Taylor Swift called “The Man,” and the first thing I noticed within this video was how it was drenched in the lies of Feminism that we see today; “women are better than men.” It is no lie that feminists only seeks to hear liberal ideologies, but what Taylor Swift did just shows that we live in a time where no one really cares about so called “equality,” for we only care about being better than each other.

The one thing I hate in our current day America is the victimhood mentality that we have when we live in the freest country in the world. In 2020, women can go to college, they can go into any field the want, they can choose to marry, they can choose to have children, they can choose to work, they can vote, run for office, and have the same opportunities as men, and yet we see women protesting the streets with genitalia hats and with horrid signs that either call for abortion or for men to shut up, which then leads to the long rants on social media about how men are toxic.

In the end, what are women really protesting in 2020? Now, before we go any further, are there some men in the world who do sexualize women or so forth? Oh course there are, but we also have some women who sexualize men and so forth, so it isn’t just a “male issue,” but that isn’t the point of this blog post. The point of this blog post is how women feel the need to put men down to feel better about themselves, and if that’s the case, then that’s not about finding “real worth,” but  that’s only about find temporary relief in in something that is destructive.

Men are not a problem, and a man being successful should not threaten a woman. A man has the right to have a voice, he has the right to be successful, and a man has the right to the same things that women claim to want, yet when it comes to a man wanting things, feminists are quick to tell them that they are not allowed to have a voice due to so called “not having a uterus”or due to “not understanding hardships.”

Again, we live in this “victim mentality” where feminists now tell men. “You can’t have an opinion due to not knowing what we as women have gone through.” and that is a had philosophy to follow. When we begin determining whether someone is worthy of having an opinion based on what they have gone through rather than on facts, we then limit the conversation to only one group, which is what Liberals want more than anything.

Liberals only want to hear from those who have the same ideas that corrlate with the Liberal ideology, and if you are a Christian, a Conservative, a pro-life person, or a man, then you are apparently “not qualified” to even speak in their circles, which eventually leads to authoritarianism when you limit speech. Therefore, what Taylor Swift was depicting in her video was a very shallow view of men that Feminists want others to believe.

They want to believe that men are too shallow to “actually have an opinion,” and she depicted “a man” being a man with “toxic mentality” who threats others like garbage, which isn’t true in reality. Most men are not womanizers who treat others horribly, and yet Feminism have this delusion that any man on this earth has to be a monster, a toxic person, or a man who is shallow.

In the end, Feminism, is more of a “woe to me” grout of women who thrive in victimhood, for Feminism seeks to make women feel better by telling men that they are nothing more than trash, and if you have to place a man down in this way, then you will never be successful or feel good about yourself. Constantly living in a victimhood mentality in the freest nation only makes you feel chained rather than free.

If Feminism really want to see what oppression is, go to Saudi Arabia where the women are now learning how to drive or go to some other country where people are being executed for “this” or for “that.” America is the last place where we should feel victimized, and yet we do about everything. If someone has a different opinion, someone feels threatened or if someone has a different belief, someone feels “attacked.”

In the end, freedom of speech is not just subjected to one group, but is subjected to all people, all viewpoints, and every American on this planet, but victimization has limited freedom of speech to this ‘safe space” where only certain opinions are allowed, for God forbid someone with a different opinion “shakes up a safe space.”

 but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”” John 4:14

However, this isn’t a political post, and while this could most definitely be a political post about how feminists are limiting speech by spreading propaganda, the reason why women like Taylor attack men is very simple; they don’t find truth worth in Christ nor do they truly drink from the Living Water, for if they did, they wouldn’t be attacking men like they are. When you find true worth in Christ by drinking deeply from the well, you will find true freedom His presence to the point where you don’t have to put this person or that person down to feel good.

The amount of times men are knocked down is due to the very fact that women are not finding their identities in Christ, and if you don’t find your identity in Christ, you will always have an identity crisis, which is evident in their need to place someone else down.

Contrary to what our society says, you do not find worth in placing someone else down or telling someone else to be quiet,

You do not find true worth in storming the streets with horrid signs while yelling at men to listen,

You do not find your worth in telling the world how much better you are,

And you do not find your outside of Christ or else you will always be looking for something else to find worth in.

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

When it comes to finding truth worth, you find it by falling the thrown of grace while becoming deeply rooted in Christ, and once you become deeply rooted, you will feel no need to take men down or to put others down, for you would have found everything you you needed; Jesus.

Instead of women being women who want to prove men as “toxic” womanizers, why don’t women focus on being well-watered women who chase truth in Jesus rather than chasing lies of Modern-day Feminism that seeks to divide and silence? Instead of women being women who seek to storm the streets for horrid things, we don’t we seek to be gentle and soft women who yearn to hear the voice of the Lord while being uplifting, a listening ear, and encouraging women to others?

A true woman who finds worth in Jesus will encourage men to also find worth in Jesus, for a man was made in the image of God too. Though we love to talk about how women are worth more than rubies, the truth of the matter is that men are worth more than rubies too, for Christ died for men as well. When Christ was hanging on the cross in crippling pain, He loved men too, He suffered for men too, and He made a way for men too.

If men were so “evil,” then God wouldn’t have created them or made them in His image, but in the end, men are beautiful in their own way, and I respect that. I respect men, I encourage men, and I will never put men down to make myself feel better, for God breathed live into their bones like He did me, so why would I put down someone that God created? However, if you don’t find worth in Christ, then you won’t understand this, which is what is happening in our world

We live in a Godless world where people have rejected Christ, which is heartbreaking, and Feminism is off the rails. Each day, I feel as if Feminism is becoming more radical, and when you add celebrities like Taylor Swift to the mix, the fire just burns more stronger and gets more out of control.

When all is all said and done, men can be pro-life, for you don’t have to have uterus to stand up for LIFE. Men can be successful without being a “threat” to women, men can be loving, nurturing, and tender men instead of being “ravenous monsters,” and men are just as loved as women in the eyes of God, so who are women to demean the worth of men?

I cannot speak for all women, but I don’t care about being “the man,” for I was not meant to be a man, and that is okay with me. What I do care about is being a well-watered women who is deeply rooted in the grace of Jesus so that I can be a gentle and soft soul who yearns to hear His voice while reflecting His love in everything that I do so that He can be glorified.

My worth doesn’t come from telling men the are worthless, nor does my worth come from Feminism, but my worth comes from the man who died for me, who surrendered His all for me, and who died so that I could live, and I will find my identity in Him, for he is worth it all. Therefore, I am going to embrace being a woman made in His image while uplifting men at the same time.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.” Proverbs 31:26

What I am meant to be is a woman who is in deep adoration of Christ who loves like He does, who is tender like He is, and who encouraging like He is, and I aspire to be that kind of woman, Therefore, I don’t want to be “The man,” and I never will be, but I want to be the woman with the gentle and soft soul who breathes in Jesus while exhaling His unending grace

4 thoughts on “Dear Taylor Swift, I Don’t Care About Being “The Man”

  1. Wonderful, Just simply wonderful. Very well spoken. I Agree, Agree, Agree. Thank you so much for sharing. Someone needed to say exactly what you did. Christians come forth, as you did. There are so many things running through my head, things that I’ve thought about for years, these things you’ve spoken of. I can’t tell you enough, very well done… Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

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