Fiercely Patriotic, Unapologetically Conservative

If you know me, then you know I am one political woman who loves Conservatism, facts, and political humor; therefore, I watched the debate the other night with the Democrats, and my first initial thoughts were that there were a lack of facts due to the constant fighting, but that is just an observation that I saw during the debate.

I personally believe that Conservatives need to be well versed in what the other side is saying, for what they are saying can potentially have a big impact on what we say or do as Conservatives who also have freedom in this country. Therefore, I watched the debate and was not surprised, for it was nasty, feelings based, and filled with double standards that would be considered wrong if the roles were flipped.

However, Elizabeth Warren ended up mentioning that Democrats need to rally together to beat the Republicans, which made me raise my eyebrows, for in the end, everyone acts as if Conservatives are the problem when in reality, it is the Democrats that are the problem, but yet they rally against us. Democrats are the who are raiding, protesting, yelling when someone is elected, and has chosen to believe in the phrase, “guilty until proven innocent,” yet they claims that Conservatives are the problem.

As a Conservative woman, I can attest that I have been treated rather badly by many Liberals in the past, for I have been named called, I have even had threats, and then I had the people give me the looks and the stares, but that is besides the point. We live in a nation where Conservatism is widely misunderstood, for no one wants to listen, no one wants to have civil discussions, and no one wants to hear the facts.

In the end, Warren had it wrong. Conservatives are not the problem, for in the end, we do not stand for Socialism, we do not stand for censorship, we do not stand for the impeachment of a President due to feelings, and we do not stand for the double standards in a party where they are crippled with them, but we stand for so much more than what people believe. (In the end, identity politics will forever be deadly.)

It it apparent that the media is biased in our society, and Conservatives are painted to be these monsters who hate women, who hate America, and who want to rip our country into shreds, and yet the world is blinded by the fact, for we have Socialists that want to take our freedom, candidates who have lied about their ethnicity to get into an ivy league colleges, and then we have other candidates who want to run our country into the ground for the sake of feelings.

We have fascists who protest Conservatives such as Ben Shapiro when they want to speak at campuses, we have social media companies that censor Conservatives when giving their opinion, we have liberals who seek to yell, divide, and burn bridges when a Conservative speaks, and yet Conservatives are the issues in America? The only issue or danger I see is the danger of the left becoming so radical, that they are willing to sign away freedom in order to only have their side heard, which is alarming.

In the end, I am not ashamed for being a Conservative, for the facts do not care about how I feel, and yet we live in a nation that is crippled with offense. People in our nation want to be offended by something, and in the end, that leads to fascist government, authoritarianism, and the tyrannical power that our founding fathers warned us of in the Federalist Papers, and yet guess what is happening?

Tyranny in many ways.

However, that doesn’t answer why Democrats are so angry with Conservatives. Why is it that when a person says “I am a Conservative,” they are bashed, called horrible names, and even given death threats? How is it that when Conservatives speak, liberals crumble with offense?


As a Conservative, I believe in the facts, and when everything is based on feelings, everything will turn into censorship and then Socialism happens. Look at what is happening right now in our country; Socialism is being supported, Capitalism is being viewed as bad, babies are dying, and so forth. It is all due to no one wanting to hear the facts, but wanting to be under the blanket of a perfect “utopia” of feelings.

America is the freest nation in the world, but we are also the top nation who claims to be the most victimized and oppressed, when in reality, we aren’t oppressed or victimized in the slightest. If you want to see “real” oppression, go to Saudi Arabia where women are now just getting the right to drive. If you want to see real victimization, go to North Korea where if you commit a crime, you, your first born, and your child’s first born all go to prison. However, America claims to be “victimized” when in reality, we have the glorious freedom to do things.

Why do we have modern day feminism when women can go to college, get a degree, go to grad school, get the same job as a man, vote, drive, and have a voice? Truly, why are there protests against men when women can do so many things, yet women in other countries would do anything for our freedom? Why do we have people protesting in the streets when we all have the equal opportunity to do the same things; however, just because one have equal opportunity does not mean you have the right to the same equal outcome, for you are responsible for how your life turns out, not the government.

However, we live in the most entitled nation up to date filled with people who scream at the government, who scream at others, and who are willing to burst into buildings, raid Washington, and do crimes due to being mad that the person they did not like ended up winning Presidency.

The same ones who are doing these things then say that Conservatives are the “problem” that must be stopped, and yet no one is willing to look into their own walls to see the self-destructive habits that will cause them to implode. What this debate showed me was that not one of those candidates know what is good for America in the slightest, for they are so stuck in what they want, what they want to push, and what they want us to hear, that they will censor anyone else in the meantime.

In the end, I am a Conservative, for I believe that Capitalism is the freest market where Socialism has no reign, for Socialism takes away the rights and freedoms of a person.

I am a Conservative, for I believe in the life of the unborn, for everyone has the right to life even those who are not born yet, for they are alive even in the womb.

I am Conservative, for I believe in limited government, for when a government becomes big, it is no longer “we the people,” which is where censorship and tyranny will happen.

I am a Conservative, for again, facts do not care about my feelings, and I would rather have facts run the nation rather than feelings that fluctuate.

When all is said and done, we are so engrossed into our feelings politically that we point fingers without looking up the facts, for in the end, we live in a very entitled nation that wonders what the country can do for them rather than what they can do for their country.

Therefore, when a Conservative who has facts, evidence, and proof of what they are saying comes onto the scene, we are instantly labeled a hateful person or some other name due to not thinking like the crowd, which is why we have Democrats who go into emotional speeches about taking us down, making sure we aren’t heard, and making sure they “beat us.”

To be honest, I am terrified with the way our nation is going, and it bothers me that no one else is terrified. We have a Socialist running for president, and though I do not like Joe Biden, when Joe Biden said “Socialism doesn’t work,” there were candidates and people in the audience who gasped at his claim, and that made my stomach turn just thinking that people truly believe Socialism is better than Capitalism.

This is what our nation has come too, and when we begin to censor people, control how someone thinks, and begin to think that tyranny is better than freedom, we will become a nation just like the USSR, North Korea, and Venezuela, and that ends up in a deadly aftermath that we might not be able to recover from. Therefore, Warren was wrong. Conservatives are not the danger in America, for the real danger is the ones like her on the stage who have such horrid polices that can run us into the ground.

The only danger that needs to be defeated is this utopia mentally that is only based on feelings and no facts, and when we become a nation that places feelings and victimization over facts, then we will become a nation that is crippled with offense. Therefore, Conservative aren’t the problem, and we never will be. The very problem in our nation lies in the feelings that are running us into the ground, and as Ben always says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” and it is time we begin running this country  more on facts and Constitutional principles rather than on feelings that fluctuate.

In the end, God help us this elections season, for it’s getting nasty, and Conservatives are under fire, but in the end, I am not ashamed to be a Conservative; therefore, I am fiercely patriotic, and I am unapologetically Conservative.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”” Joshua 1:9

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