Habakkuk and Joseph: God is Good, But So is Refinement in The “Now”

A year ago, I wrote the post called “What Habakkuk Taught me About Trusting God,” and for the past year, Habakkuk has held a very special meaning to me, and it is one that I am keeping to myself for the current moment, but one day I shall reveal why.  However, this book does have a really special meaning in my heart, and last night, the Lord laid the words of Habakkuk on my heart as well as another person that we don’t really view as a central person to love in the Word, but I love both of these Biblical men very dearly, but not as much as David and Paul.

Tonight, I am going to be switching the narrative from trusting God to believing in God’s goodness even in the “now,” for in the end, we can all agree that we believe in the Lord, but we can also agree that we do battle with believing in the goodness of God, the faithfulness of God, and the promises of God, and in the book of Habakkuk, it has a little nugget about His faithfulness and how we should walk by faith, and Joseph has a little nugget abut the goodness of the Lord.

One day, I will be telling why this book means so much to me, for let me tell you, Habakkuk and Joseph mean so much to me in a very big way, but for now, I am going to be talking about God’s goodness, and if I had to be honest, I have have issues with that sometimes, and I think we all do at some point in our faith and in our with the Lord. Here we have an amazing, all powerful, Almighty, and limitlessness God who does not think evil towards us, but thinks good to us, and that can be a lot for our human minds to process, for our minds cannot process all of God, for or minds are sinful and limited.

But God is faithful,

God is good,

God does keep His promises,

But do we have trouble with believing it?


Last night, I had a bit of a moment with the Lord where I was doubting His goodness in some aspects, and then I felt the Lord remind me of the Habakkuk, for the Lord and I have a really special relationship with two people in the Bible; Habakkuk and Joseph. The story of Joseph goes along with what the Lord has told me regarding the book of Habakkuk, but the Lord was reminded me of the two last night.

Right now, I am in a test of my faith right now as well as refinement, and I can say that with no doubt, for I know that the Lord is testing my faith, and I feel like I failed a little bit last night due to that moment of doubt, and so I went into passionate prayer this morning and asked the Lord, “Lord, I failed you and I questioned you,” and then the Lord reminded me of how Habakkuk opens with, Lord, how long shall I cry, And You will not hear? which is what I was doing last night with the Lord as I was in that moment of doubting God’s goodness.

In the end, Habakkuk and Joseph are different, but similar in a lot of ways, and if they were in the same years, I am quite sure they would have been best friends, for they had a lot in common, but had different approaches. With Habakkuk, he mourned, he grieved, and he was a weeping man who asked, “Why,” and “God, where are you” ‘as he was wondering where God was and what God was doing when he saw all that was happening.

On the other hand, we have Joseph; the man who was thrown in the dungeon and forgotten about for 2 years, and yet he not once questioned the faithfulness of God, and he always knew God was good, but He also had no idea what God was doing. Was God going to leave him in the dungeon? Did the cupbearer forget him, and was he going to die there? It was unknown.

Therefore, both of these men are men that the Lord speaks directly to me regarding something that He has told me, and He reminded me of them both last night. With my tears to the Lord, He told me, “Habakkuk cried to me as you are right now, but make your faith strong like Joseph even right now in the dungeon,” and that instantly made me want to get up off the floor and get into the word.

And so I did.

The reason I am posting randomly right on a Saturday night is due to this being passionate on my heart, for the Lord has been speaking to me through Habakkuk and Joseph all day long, for Habakkuk is all of us, and Joseph is the man we should all strive to be. When we see Habakkuk, all of us can agree that we ask God, “Where are you” as we see things happening and wondering where God is and what He is doing, but then we have Joseph the man who had faith and the man who knew God was good even in the bad circumstances.

How many of us can agree that we are Habakkuk? I know I can, and how many of us can say that we wish to be Joseph; a man who trusts God’s plan and vision even when our currently circumstances say it isn’t going to happen? I know I do.

We must be content with where we are right now in the process, for where we are refining us for His plan

In the end, we are all going to be tested, for the test of faith shows the Lord whether we are going to be like Joseph and still declare that He is faithful and good, or whether we are we going to crumble and declare that God is not faithful. The Lord puts us through the fire like a diamond, for He is refining us. If we were to never go through refinement, then the blessing would become a cruse, for we would not be ready for it, for we must be deeply rooted before ever going into new places or seasons.

This is why we must be content with where we are at right now even if the current circumstances say different to the promises of God, for if we are not still and content with where we are in life right now, we will never be content with the next season or the next phase of life; therefore, as we trust God to navigate us through this thing called life, we must be content with where He has us, for where we are right now is where He wants us to be.

Whether you are currently in the dungeon, be content and glorify God in the dungeon.

Whether you are in the wilderness, be diligent and glorify God even in the wilderness.

Whether you are in the unknown, be still and glorify God even in the unknown.

If we wait to be deeply rooted until the transition into the blessing, we will not be ready for it, for the Lord doesn’t want us to wait to be a godly person until the “then,” but He wants us to be godly and devoted now, for if we aren’t willing to be still and glorify Him in the now, then we will not want to do it in the then.

““Behold the proud,
His soul is not upright in him;
But the just shall live by his faith.” Habakkuk 2:4

Imagine if the Lord would not of allowed Joseph to be forgotten in the dungeon for 2 years. He would not of been ready for the vision the Lord had; therefore, the dungeon was the “now” that Joseph needed in order to deeply root himself in the Lord while being refined in the process. Therefore, that process is a beautiful thing, and yet we don’t trust it, for we only go based on what we see, not based on the faithfulness and the goodness of God.

The Lord directs your steps, so in the meantime, become deeply rooted and in love with the Lord now, and let Him deal with the rest. 

The current place where you are at is crucial in the plan of God, for He wants us to learn now, He wants us to be deeply rooted now, and He wants you to be in steadfast love with Him now, and that is what Joseph teaches us. Though he was in the dungeon, he was in the dungeon so he could focus on the “now” by growing in God before he could go to the vision the Lord had for him or else he would not of been refined for it.

The “now” will test us and it will cause us to ask, “God where are you,” but in the end, the “now” is also beautiful place to be, for the “now” shows us that God is working, that God is good, and that we must love Him and glorify Him now or else how can we in the “then?'” (I am telling you, the Lord has been revealing things to my heart left and right today.)

Trusting the process is important, which is why every single step of the process is crucial, which includes the now. Many women like to say, “I will be a godly wife,” but why not be a godly woman now? Why wait to be godly as a wife when you can be a godly young woman who is rooted in truth now. Many women like to say, “I am going to be an amazing Proverbs 31 woman,” but why not be an an amazing Proverbs 31 woman now while trusting the Lord with the future?

The now is important, the now is the test, and the reason so many people declare God as not good is due to allowing the current circumstances to overcome what God has told them, for we are not wanting to be refined now, for we are wanting to be in the “then.” However, the now teaches us how to be content, still, and refined for the “then,” and that is what Habakkuk show us.

Habakkuk shows us the pain in seeing the reality of our current circumstances while wondering, “God, where are you,” but then Joseph shows us that the reality of current current circumstances are needed to refine us and to grow us in the faithfulness of God before entering the promises, and that is what we all need to do.

“Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10

We cannot see the goodness in the Lord if we are not willing to be still, for when we allow the loudness of the current circumstances overtake us like Habakkuk in some ways, then His voice becomes silenced due to the loudness, for His voice is a gentle whisper to our souls, and with Joseph, sometimes the Lord is silent in the dungeon due to Him testing us while wondering if we will declare Him faithful or not within our “now.”

That is the importance of where we are right now, for in order for us to proclaim His goodness when the “then” happens, we must be willing to go through the growing pains, the refinement, and the contentment of the “now” as we have faith that God is good, for He is.

Your current circumstances might tell you that God is not faithful, but He is and always will be faithful; therefore, be content right now even in the unknown, for God is working and God is making a way, but what He wants us to do is to be content where He has placed us as we wait on Him and His will, for we should be deeply rooted right now while learning what He wants us to learn right now, and that is what the Lord teaches me all the time about Habakkuk and Joseph, for in the end, Habakkuk declares God is faithful, and Joseph declares that God is good.

For the Lord is good,

The Lord is faithful.

And in the end, the Lord does keep is promises,

When it all comes down to it, we have to be willing to look up and say, “Lord, I worship you even now, for you have it all under control, and so I will be still and know that you are God.”

So the next time you read the Word, I suggest reading the story of both Habakkuk and Joseph at the same time, for they have similar lessons that are valuable to us as we declare, “Lord, forever are you good, and so I will worship you always.”

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