“The Impeachment Trial:” A Conservative Woman’s Perspective

“Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace;
When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive.” Proverbs 17:28

I think this verse is quite fitting for the political noise happening in our country, for sometimes, it would be better if many people in the House would be silent rather than speaking, but at the end of the day, this is where we are at as a nation, for tomorrow, the Senate Impeachment Trial begins.

Therefore, welcome to the the Impeachment Trial, where any president can become impeached over any little thing. Forget the Constitution, forget the Founding Fathers, forget the Federalist papers, and just forget everything else our country was founded on, for we are now a nation that impeaches Presidents based on feelings rather than on actual offenses that go against the Constitution and the fabric of our country.

I debated whether I wanted to write something so political on a blog that is about Jesus, but a big part of who I am as a woman is Conservatism, and I personally find talking abut politics fun. I am a woman who loves freedom, free markets, freedom of speech, the protection of the unborn, and so many other things, and so politics is natural for me, for I love politics and Conservatism; therefore, I have many thoughts on many things that have been happening in our political sector.

With that being said, tomorrow marks the day where the opening arguments for the impeachment trial begin, and this is where things get serious, for the Senate decides whether Trump is removed from office or acquitted, but personally, most of the Senate is Republican, so I believe Trump will be acquitted before this is all over, but the impeachment sham is still happening. 

We live in a very offended nation, and if you are like me and are a Conservative, then you know that there are times where you see the most off the wall things in your news feed who post about something that pertains to the Liberal rhetoric that we see, and now a days, I am seeing a lot of things about President Trump.

I believe that this impeachment trial is a sham, for the House says they were working on this for “two years,” and yet what Trump “supposedly” did was done recently; therefore, this shows you that Democrats have always had the agenda to get Trump out of office due to one thing and one thing alone; hyperactive feelings.

We are a nation that is crippled by our feelings to the point where we are siding with a terrorist just because Trump was the one who killed him. Now, I am not here to place Trump on a pedestal, and there are things he has done in the past that weren’t great, and we all know this, but to side with a horrid terrorist due to our President being the one who killed him is alarming.

Soleimani was a man who has killed Americans in in the past, who has also killed others in the past, and he was also a threat, and yet the Washington Post wrote a post calling Soleimani a “hero” who was “assassinated” when he was a terrorist who was killed due to planning more deaths, bur due to our “hatred” for our president, we have blinded ourselves to logic, for we are so caught up in the “anti-Trump,” bandwago that we are destroying our very nation.

To make this go even further to show how our nation only cares about one agenda, Rep. Brian Mast from Florida asked the Democrats to name one name on the wall of people who died due to the war on terror that did not justify the killing of Soleimani, and for 80 seconds, no Democrat could list a name, and yet they tried to silence him by making him yield his time, for they did not want to be faced with the truth; and that’s the problem.

People don’t want to hear the truth, for many are blinded by hyperactive feelings, many are blinded by one sided agendas and ideologies, and many are blinded by the hatred they have for one person, that they are going against the Constitution and freedom to get what they want, but then they call it “justice for America” to help them sleep at night.

It does not matter if you like Trump or not, for you cannot honestly say that he deserves impeachment, and it is very clear at this point that this is all hyperactive emotions and no facts. We have become a nation that runs a country based on how one feels rather than on the very founding principles of our nation, and when we allow the overuse of feelings into the political arena, then our entire country will go down.

As a Conservative woman, this frightens me how our nation is become tyrannical. The left say that they “care for freedom of speech,” and yet they ban, censor, and attack Conservatives who who have a difference or opposing opinion, and Democrats have gone to the point of impeachment of a president who does not align with them, and it makes me wonder, “When will it stop?”

In the end, the left does not care about the Constitution anymore, they do not care about “due process,’ and they could care less about the well being of America, for they only care about the wants, the feelings, and what they can get, and at the end of the day, the only people who are benefiting from this are the ones who are salivating at the news od Trump’s impeachment trial while hoping that he is out of office.

We had members of the House that wanted Trump impeached since the beginning of his presidency, we had member of the house taking selfies after the announcement of the impeachment papers being voted on, and we have many Americans who incessantly tweet their feelings joy due to the impeachment while they all say, “We care about the well being of out country,” but if that were the case, they would not be throwing the word “impeachment’ around so loosely, for it is a very serious process that should not easily be happening as it is.

Personally, I believe this “I hate Trump” mindset is a bandwagon impact. In 2020, people want to follow the crowd, people want to be led like blind sheep, and people want to be like another person, for if they dare to think for themselves, they are afraid of being labeled, “this,” “this,” or “this,” but due to this happening, many people are following the crowd an are being blinded into thinking the same rhetoric, which has now resulted in to us being a nation that impeaches over ever little thing.

That is the problem; people are afraid to think for themselves, people aren’t finding out information on their own that is valid, fact based, and true, for people listen to liberal late night talk show hosts rather than going to the facts and logic; therefore, this entire impeachment is caused by the lack of information, the overuse of emotions, the lack of logic in our country, and the lack of fact based information that is sound and valid.

Personally, I am a Conservative woman, and I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016, for I surely did not want a corrupt woman like Hillary Clinton as our President. Sure, Donald Trump is not an angel and he isn’t a poster boy for being perfect, but he’s surely better than the Clintons and he is better than any Democrat that was running.

In the end, I believe that there is such a misconception about Conservatives and Conservatism, and I truly believe that our nation wants to silence us due to us thinking for ourselves, for the left has become so fixated on how people feel about them, that the idea of a person thinking for themselves is offensive. The left cannot fathom how we can think for ourselves with no fear of labels, but at the end of the day, we don’t seek the validation of feelings, but we seek the freedom of truth.

I am a Conservative for I believe in the protection of the unborn lives.

I am a Conservative for I believe in upholding of the Constitution in a strict interpretation as Thomas Jefferson once said as he was fighting with Alexander Hamilton,

I am a Conservative for I believe in fiscal responsibility, for our nation is in so much debt, that is is worrying, and I don’t believe in higher taxes like AOC does, nor do I believe in erasing student loan debt, for you can’t erase debt as if it never happened.

Most importantly, I am a Conservative, for I think for myself, and I am not a woman who follows the crowd due to this person or that person, but I think for myself, I think based on the facts presented, and I do not think based on what I am afraid of being called, but I think based on truth, for the truth will set you free.

However, I am labeled many names due to me not following the crowd, and due to me not following the crowd, they censor my speech due to being so blinded by the desire to appease feelings over facts, that facts and logic are considered offensive. This is why our nation is the way it is; the Left censors and silences Conservatives to the point where the “I hate Trump” rhetoric has become so strong, that is has resulted in the lowest times of our country politically.

Right now, we have an impeachment and an election all within the same year, and it is due to bandwagon impact and it is due to people thinking the same, but here is one person who will not think the same. I am unsure of what will happen to Trump, and I am not saying that Trump is a golden man, for he isn’t, but there is one thing about it, President Trump does not deserve impeachment, for he has not, and did not, commit any form of treason of justifiable acts to provoke an impeachment trial.

When it is all said and down, this entire impeachment trial is not because of the so called “well being of America,’ but it is based on Liberals still being angry that their person did not win in 2016, and it is also due to the bandwagon of younger people who decided to all “hate Trump” due to “this person” or “that person” doing it. No one is thinking for themselves, no one is looking up facts, and no one cares about the very basis of our Constitution or country, for we only care about our one sided ideologies, and right now, the people in our government feel like impeaching a man due to “not liking him.”

That is not America and that is not freedom, but that is radical beliefs that always turn into tyranny, for when you you begin silence or overthrow people due to “not liking them,” then you don’t believe in freedom, but you believe in ‘”selective freedom” of only one side being heard rather than all, and that’s not America, that’d dictatorship and authoritarianism.

As our country continues to blindly follow the crowd, I choose to be a Conservative woman who believes in thinking for herself, but if our country doesn’t begin thinking for themselves by actually basing their decision based on facts, the Constitution, and on the foundling principles that we once held dear, then every single president we have from here on out will be impeached every single time, and that isn’t due process, that isn’t freedom, and that is not the American way.

In the end, as Ben Shapiro, who is my favorite Conservative commentator, once said, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” and that small, bu powerful statement says it all towards the political climate of our nation.


One thought on ““The Impeachment Trial:” A Conservative Woman’s Perspective

  1. When I was a teenager my stepdad commented on my hippie phase with a line I still remember., “So you say you want to be different; just like everybody else?”
    My stepdad Rudy was a kind man and an artist and surely knew a lot more about truly being different than I did. But He also recognized that I was longing to jump on the latest bandwagon because at 15 I just desperately wanted to be accepted. Thanks for your perspective. Blessings…


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