Being A Conservative Woman in a Liberal Nation: I Will Not “Just Stop Talking”

Well, well, well.

I had no intentions of posting tonight, truly I didn’t, but it’s 8 pm, I just got done watching/listening to the Ben Shapiro podcast for today, and I also read something very shocking today that made me want to sit down and write, so this is somewhat like a Christmas present, and if you are a Conservative like me, then you will probably like it.

Now, I am a Conservative, and I am not ashamed to be a Conservative woman in a see of Left-wingers who have, “Feel the Burn” on their cars or other God-awful bumper stickers, and so yes, I am pro-life, I do not need Feminism, I am a supporter of free speech, and I love Capitalism, America, and freedom.

However, we have now gotten to the point where Conservatives are openly being silenced with no second thought, and this is not new, but it is shocking at how open the Left, aka Liberals, are at shutting us down now.

Now, I personally don’t like Meghan McCain, and I don’t mean this due to Trump. I personally don’t agree with some of her politics, and I don’t believe she should be the face of Conservatism on TV; however, “The View” is a horrible show, and I am quite sure that if you have watched, you can see the left-wing bias. I mean, look at the way they treated Don Jr. when he went on, for it was horrid.

I could feel the tension through the screen.

However, I want to talk about what Whoopi Goldberg said. Meghan wanted to make a remark from a Conservative standpoint, and Whoopi told her to “just stop talking” while going on a cynical rant on live TV, and this is exact what makes me upset.

Oh, but “the left” claims to be people who say they want to be “tolerant,” and yet they hate Conservatives for having a different opinion; however, the only ones who are “intolerant” are those on the left, for look at the way they treat Conservatives such as Dan Crenshaw, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and regular people such as you and I. Then look at they way they treat our President. Whether you like the President or not, you should not disrespect the President, nor should you want him to fail, for if you want the President to fail, then that means we all fail.

Our nation is so divided, that we become offended over every little thing to the point of falling to our knees and screaming at the sky. As of right now, we have a sham of an impeachment going on, we have Feminism going out of control, we have protests, we have people who are arguing over little things, we have people who want to ruin the political careers of Conservatives, and we have so much dirtiness happening in our world, and guess what? It’s all from the Left.

You do not have to agree, but as a Conservative woman, I can attest that this is true. If you think Feminism is about “equality,” then look at how they treat Conservative women who are pro-life, if you think that the left is “open to new ideas, “look at how they treat Conservatives, and if you think this entire sham of an impeachment is “good,” look at the dirtiness going on in Congress.

We have Liberals wanting to get rid of the Electoral College,

We have people crying over little things,

And we have become a nation of bumper stickers, anti-plastic straws, and we are now giving platforms and magazines to children who aren’t even American. Oh, but if Conservatives say that a child cannot form her own critical, political opinions, we are yelled at for insulting a “child,” and yet these same people who insult us Conservatives claim a child can form their own deep, political thoughts, when really, they are just repeating what they are being fed.

However, when a Conservative, such as I, speaks, we are instantly shut down and called “intolerant” as they grow more angry by the second, and it just makes me ask, “Where does the double standard end?”

And the double standards are endless, but the two I see the most of as of right are currently quite rampant in our society.

Feminists “claim” to be about “equality,” and yet they call me a “bigot” or a “oppressive” for being a Conservative

As a Conservative woman, I am different, and I am so glad to be a person who thinks for herself, for in a world filled with people who follow the crowd, I want to be one who thinks on her own, and Feminism is now a group of people whose ideologies only line up with one agenda, and if you speak differently, then they shut you down as if you aren’t anything. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, if you are a Conservative woman, you will have women who attack you, who will claim you are a “bigot,” a “woman hater,” and you will get called every name in the book, which is wrong.

‘”Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.” Proverbs 31:25

We live in an era where people say, “Women empowerment,” and yet the only so called “empowerment” I see is the building of of liberal women to protest the streets “against men” or they protest in the name of “reproductive rights;” however, I don’t need Feminism, I am not a Feminist, and I am better of without Feminism, for I am who the Lord says I am, and I refuse to advocate against men, I refuse to advocate against babies, and I surely do’t believe in only allowing only one group to speak, and yet Feminism is drenched in double standards in their, “Let everyone have a say” mindset, for what about Conservative women?

We’ve become a nation riddled with “offense,” that we are now using children to fight for our “causes.”

The one thing I hate more than anything is the use of children in politics, and I am quite sure you know who I am talking about, bur due to her being underage, I am not going to mention her name; however, this girl now has her own “magazine cover” as person of the year of some sort, and this is repulsive to me, for this girl is only regurgitating what she is begin fed.

At her age, it is highly impossible for her to know the analytical background of political ideologies, and for Liberals to give such a young, impressionable mind such a platform to support their thinking is a new low, and yet when Conservatives such as I speak out against against her politics, Liberals yell, ‘She’s just a child,” but this is another double standard, for if she is just a child, why give her a political platform where her beliefs and thoughts are up for question?

But again, we live in a nation where Conservatives are silenced, condemned, and are told to “shut up” if we say anything different, and this is dangerous; very dangerous. We live in a nation where many claim to be “pro-first amendment,” and yet we don’t allow Conservatives the right to speech, and this is another double standard.

“Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’” Isaiah 41:10

As a Conservative woman, I face a lot of tension for a lot of things, and then when I watch the news, I always find myself thinking, “If this was a Conservative, they would be more angry” or ‘They are only supporting that person due to being a Liberal” or whatnot, and that is how far the double standards have gone.

We have become a nation filled with moral decay, offense, and we have become so immature, that we are using children, we are becoming one-sided, we are becoming a nation that is divided, and we are becoming a nation that becomes so angry over losing an election, that people protest, scream at the sky, and we begin to get into arguments, feuds, and we are beating people up.

Just the other day, a small child on a bus was brutally attacked due to wearing a Trump shirt, and this is not okay. We have trained people to hate Conservatives, we have made it a “trend” to hate our President, and the left has become so intolerant, that for them to claim tolerance is utterly hysterical.

In the end, what are people truly offended over? America is the home of the brave, the land of the free, and the home where you can think and believe as you want due to the first amendment. America is the home where anyone can go to college, where anyone can get a job, where anyone can vote, and where everyone has equal opportunity; however, you do not have the right to the same equal outcome, for you have to do your part rather than taking what someone else has. (America is not a Socialist country, we are a free country.)

So what is the left really fighting for?

When we look at other countries such as Venezuela or North Korea, we see the lack of freedom, malnutrition, tyrannical governments, and if you say anything that is against their government, you are arrested, imprison, and sometimes even killed, and yet we march the streets over the offense of Conservatives?

Truly, this nation is become filled with entitlement, and that is the problem. We are becoming a nation who is entitled, who wants the silver spoon, and we have become a nation that does nto want to hear the truth anymore, and we are indoctrinating children into become robots that think the same way. I mean, we have children gaining magazines covers when in reality, kids should be kids rather than being thrown into the United Nations or on magazine covers.

But that is the dirtiness of the left, and that is the truth.

The left, whether you are a Trump supporter or not, is becoming dirty, cynical, and is now publicly shutting down Conservatives with no shame. We have Conservatives who are protested, we have Conservatives who are getting heckled, sprayed, and whatnot, and the only ones who are “intolerant’ are the ones pointing fingers.

And that is not right.

If you claim to believe in free speech, than that means Conservatives can speak too.

if you claim to be so called “tolerant,’ then don’t tell Conservatives to “shut up” due to us saying something different.

And in the end, as Ben Shapiro once said, “Fact don’t care about your feelings,” and we have become a nation so centered around how we feel, that if you think differently on one thing, you are considered a cruel person who is against all humanity; therefore, we have said goodbye to logic while welcoming chaos and loudness.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”” John 1:9

In the end, I am a Conservative woman, and I am pro-life, I am not a Modern Day Feminist, I don’t need to protest, and I am not a “bigot,” nor am I “oppressive,” “horrible” or “misogynistic” just because I am a Conservative woman, for at the end of the day, I think for myself, I don’t follow the crowd, and I don’t need a platform to know the truth, for the truth speaks for itself.

Whether we believe it or not, we are becoming a nation that wants to tear everything apart while blaming Conservatives for the flames, and that is exactly why I refuse to ever be a Liberal or a leftist, for I personally don’t want to be apart of a party of double standards who has four fingers pointing back at them; therefore I am pro-life, I don’t need Feminism, and guess what? I won’t “just stop talking,” for someone has to think for themselves in a nation filled with robots, and for the sake of innocent lives and Conservatism, now is not the time to “stop talking,” but now is the time to say “No” to the double standards that have riddled our nation, for look at where we are now.

In the end, as Ronald Reagan once said, “If we ever forget that we are nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

And may we never be a nation that goes under.

3 thoughts on “Being A Conservative Woman in a Liberal Nation: I Will Not “Just Stop Talking”

  1. Many viewpoints on the left have become so extreme that they are no longer what they claim to be. They are so tolerant that they are intolerant to anyone with an opinion that may be slightly offensive to someone else. Feminism isn’t about empowering women; it’s about pushing a particular ideology. If it was about empowering women, then it would want women’s voices to be heard regardless of their viewpoints. However, they want to silence conservative, Christian, and pro-life women.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I most certainly agree with you on everything. The left has become extreme to the point where they are collapsing due their own extremities. I also agree that Feminism isn’t about empowering women, for there is nothing empowering about it. Instead, they only want want to support women who align with their ideologies, and then when it comes to Conservative and Christian women who support the innocent lives of the unborn, they become very cynical, harsh, and tyrannical. With the double standards and extremities of the left, it is quite alarming at how far they are going to silence Conservatives, and they now do so blatantly with no second thought, and one can only wonder how far the left is going to go in their pursuit of silencing anyone who doesn’t agree with them, but I thank you for sharing your thoughts, and God bless you! 🙂


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