Art, Writing, Calligraphy and the Fine Arts: A Woman and Her Many Passions

This post has been a long time coming, for I’ve written this a few times, but I can be my worst critic, but I am finally being led to post this even if I am highly critical of myself, but since this week has been weird with Thanksgiving, I was in a blogging mood today, so this is a random post that I am posting, so I hope everyone had an amazing week, and I am so glad I have a break from lesson planning until Sunday night.

Art; something I have been doing since I was 7 years old, and it has now spawned into one of my passions that I use to glorify the Lord with. When I am not writing or doing something musical, I am always doing an artistic type things, which I normally end up putting 8 Instagram stories of what I am painting or doing calligraphy on. However, though I love watercolor painting and whatnot, my favorite form of art is calligraphy.

When I first began in art, I did charcoal art, and charcoal art was my favorite as a young little girl, and my favorite thing to do as a 7 year old was shading. Shading was something i loved doing as a little girl, and if I can find it, when I was a little 7 year old, and it was one of my favorite artwork pieces, and it still is to this day, which it is hanging in my little art area where I do my writing, music, and calligraphy and watercolor.

The bunny artwork by 7 year old Christina

As an adult, Calligraphy is something I am quite passionate about, and I have been doing calligraphy for almost a six years now, which was when I traded my traditional watercolor paintings for calligraphy, which I still do watercolor paintings, but not as much as I used too. (However, watercolor is one of my favorite mediums to use.)

Now, you can do calligraphy with watercolor, which I do on occasion, and you can also do calligraphy with black paint and a paintbrush, but I personally use dip pens and fountain pens with traditional calligraphy ink in different colors, and whatnot, which really brings the calligraphy to life.

Calligraphy is personal to me for I am able to glorify the Lord as well as in my writing. With verses, phrases, and whatnot, I take the words in the Bible and use my talent of art to bring depth to them. With each downward stroke to upward stroke, I am meticulously writing the verse and keeping it in mind, for one wrong move or one uneven letter can ruin your enter artwork.

“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” Colossians 3:2

There are many meticulous details in calligraphy. You have to make sure there is equal distance between each letter, you have to make sure they are the same length, same width, and the shading can easily be overdone or offsetting, but due to paying attention to details., it also reaffirms what I am writing. Phrases such as “Blessed is she” or “Your promise still stands” are one ones that are engraved into my mind, for as I am doing my art, I focus on every curve of the letter, every detail, and so forth, so I am paying attention to what the words are saying the entire time.

The Lord is gloried in my calligraphy as well as my other passions, for all of my work is done for Him, and almost all of them are of verses, Biblical phrases, and encouragement to continue going in the Lord. I also do Bible Journaling, which consists of watercolor and calligraphy, and I take a page of the Bible and I paint what the Lord laid on my heart, and that is another way I glorify the Lord.

If you opened my Bible, you would see watercolor paint, paint splatters, calligraphy, a lot of notes, tear-stains, and so forth, which show how the Lord has taken me through the Word, and it also shows how He has truly brought me through uncharted areas into His everlasting grace and mercy; therefore, this is why I love calligraphy and anything artistic; it makes one focus on the details, the depth, the meaning, and the purpose of what one is doing.

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

My purpose is simple; to bring honor and glory before the throne, and I take all of my passions quite seriously. In the end, I am very critical of my work and there have been times where I debated showing my work or even posting a post, so I can be my worst critic, which most artistic people are their worst critics, and it normally takes me awhile to post, for I can be my worst enemy at times.

However, I normally follow each post with something the Lord has been laying on my heart within the Word, and I drive the point to saying, “Worthy is He, not I,” worthy is He who created all things, and worthy is He who saved us from eternal suffering, and due to the Lord and His mercy, our suffering here is not eternal.

On the other hand, writing is my strongest passion, as you can tell; however, music and art are two other passions that I have been blessed with by the Lord, which I use for His glory to the fullest. With each brush stroke to each note, the Lord is forever glorified, and I will forever sing His praise, write His praise, and paint His praise.

Sadly, I feel as if calligraphy is something that people are doing because it’s “trending,” and if you have noticed, there has been a recent trend in Hand-lettering, which is just a short-handed name for Calligraphy. The difference is that calligraphy is more technical, more precise, and is more complex while Hand-Letter isn’t as complex, and though I do both Hand-lettering and Calligraphy, I prefer Calligraphy, for it goes deeper into the details than Hand-Lettering.

However, I have noticed that women have jumped on the bandwagon, and yet people do not realize the depth of calligraphy. It is not just “fancy words on a page,” but it is the soul of the artist on paper. What we transcribe, what we are painting, and what we are writing is from our heart, from the Lord, and from the depths of our soul, and yet the bandwagon looks at is as pretty, but art is about purpose and the soul more than just begin pretty, and while art is beautiful, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Yes, Calligraphy looks amazing, it is beautiful, and it is a difficult art to master, and even I have a lot to learn, but the desire of my passions is not for my glory, but it is for the Lord, and calligraphy, just like my writing, gives me a way to show the Lord glory and to give Him praise.

I do calligraphy, for just like writing and music, it is an art that goes deeper and personal into how one feels, into their soul, and what they are feeling, thinking, expressing, and going through. What I paint, what I write, what I sing, and what I do, is not because of some bandwagon effect, nor is it because of what others are doing, but it’s because of the gentle whispers in my soul that have surfaced in my passions, and that is the beauty of fine arts through writing, art, and music.

I do these three passions for it is something I am passionate about, and I have this corner in my house and it consists of my writing, my art, and my piano and guitars. I have one piano, two guitars, an entire art stations full of many art supplies, and then you have my stationary, my writing, my letters, my laptop, my book collection, and hopefully a typewriter if I can find one.

 “for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Therefore, I love the arts of all kinds, and it allows me to meticulously focus on the Lord and His Word, for each word I write, each stroke I paint, with each post I write, and with each song, it is all for His glory, not mine, it is all for His Kingdom, and if the Lord can be glorified and use me, then I will allow Him.

So, yes, another part of who I am other than writing is artistic, musical, and a lover of vintage tings such as typewriters and fountain pens, and I am quite passionate about each area of these areas, but again, all that I am doing is for the glory of the Lord, all that I do is for Him, and if the Lord can shine through me through my talents, loves, and passion, then I want Him too, for this world is full of broken and hurting people that need the love of the Lord, and I am a lover of broken people, a lover of those who walk alone, and a lover of the Lord.

In the end, I do is for Him, and if it is He who gains the glory, and with all that I write, I hope that the beauty of grace is abounding in all of my posts, in all of my artwork, and in my voice, for if the Lord is absent, then it is all done in vain, and anything that the Lord does not dwell in, the effort then becomes is useless, and so I give the Lord glory, I bow down before His throne, and with my pen, my blog, my artwork, and with the voice I have been given, I give the Lord all the glory in anyway that He has blessed me with, for if the Lord died for me on a cross for all to see, then I shall glorify Him in public, for His love for me is deeper than any valley and sea, and I shall chase Him in a relentless pursuit, for it is He who my soul is captivated by, and it is He that I chase.

In the end, I though I would show some of my art pieces that I have done in the past week alone, but I was debating on whether I wanted to do this, but I have decided to just go for it due to a lot of bloggers having an Instagram association, for I do have other outlets of loving Jesus such as Instagram, which I have been posting nothing but artwork the past week or so, and I am going to be doing that for awhile, so my Instagram is here, and I truly don’t really post anything other than coffee, calligraphy, sometimes photography, and then a lot of feminine things, but since we are on the topic of art, I decided to throw that out there due to my influx of art posting/artistic stories with vintage filters and folk music.

However, on a side note, Instagram has been blocking me from posting or from my post showing up, for I’ll post and then it either fails or doesn’t show until hours later, but I have reported the issue, but in the end, it’s just social media, and I don’t need social media to feel validated by any means, so a bug is a bug, and it doesn’t matter in the end.

But for now, here are some of the art pieces I have done in the past week alone, and I can be my worst critic, and part of me is not wanting to show them, but another part wants to, so I am breaking the mentality by posting.


One I did on Sunday.
One I did on Tuesday.


One I did sometime during the week.
This is one I did the other night in my Bible Study due the Lord placing the topic of suffering upon my heart.

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