Dear America, Have We Forgotten?

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us!
For we are exceedingly filled with contempt.” Psalm 123:3

Can you believe that many of our students today were not born when 9/11 occurred? To them, it’s history that happened “in the past,” but to us, we lived that history, we cried, we prayed to God, we were fearful, and the word “terrorism” gained a new meaning. America was united, we all realized that we were all Americans devastated by a horrible tragedy, and it did not matter if you were Republican or Democrat, for we all wept in each other’s arms on 9/11; the day as one of America’s turning points, but it seems as if we have forgotten. 

Many say, “We’ll never forget,” but the trajectory of the political climate says different. Many are now offended over the American flag, many now kneel to the National Anthem, and many are willing to give up all their freedoms within the blink of an eye. All of these show signs of forgetting the feeling of gratefulness of living in a free country that erupted moments after 9/11.

After 9/11, people believed in placing God first, by ensuring that it was “in God we trust.” Songs about the land of the Free were ringing, people were going to store in large amounts to buy American flags, and Americans were respectful to each other and respected differing opinions in mature and civil manners. In 2001, almost every single America fought for the common cause; a free nation under God, but now, it is as if freedom has become a tainted word that has so many loose ends. 

It’s as if we’ve made freedom an “Elastic Clause” where though we have freedom, the word can be stretched to mean otherwise if it’s “necessary and proper.” People in Congress want erroneous laws, they want to give freedom a new name, and they continuously make speeches on why it is “necessary and proper” to have Socialism, large government, limitations on the Bill of Rights, and so forth. 


It makes you wonder, what has happened within 18 years that has caused us to go from hand holding Americans who loved being known as a nation under God to what we are now in 2019?

As you may be able to decipher, I am a Conservative woman, so I have views that are obscure to the political climate of many, but the one thing I cannot wrap my mind around is forgetting the love of America and the love of freedom that we once had after 9/11 happened. As mentioned earlier, in 2019, people are now kneeling for the National Anthem, people are burning flags, and people want God out of the equation, which makes you ask, “Have we forgotten and what has happened?”  

The same anthem that people kneel for has a history, for Francis Scott Kelly wrote
The Star Spangled Banner” as war and havoc happened, yet in the midst, the American flag stood flying in air as the Maryland Fort was being destroyed by the British.

The same flag that many step on and burn, is the same flag that flew in the rubble after 9/11, which let our enemies know that we will not be moved. 

God, who we all cried out too when all was happening, is now being to be silenced, thrown out, and locked more and more each day.

We now live in a Politically Correct culture that becomes instantly offended when things occur. We also live in a culture that becomes instantly eradicated when one has an opposing opinion, and instead of having civil conversations and understanding that all have the freedom to their opinion, people have resulted to censorship and boycotts, which shows how far we have regressed as a nation.

Therefore, many have forgotten the tears, the prayers, the moments where we held each other up, and many have forgotten about the love for America that many woke up with on 9/12, a day after the tragedies. Many have forgotten what it was like to look at their family members and be thankful to live in a free country while also mourning the death of those in the terrorist attacks, and many have sadly forgotten.

America, eighteen years later, has changed. People are not wanting to learn from history, for they are choosing to ignoring it, for people would rather America be a Socialist nation than a free nation under God, which shows you how quickly we went from the land of the free to this.

We are now allowing Socialists into Congress, into the Presidential election, and many Millennials want Socialism. When I look back through world history, it terrifies me how far some Americans are wanting to go to allow Socialism into our country when it never worked for any other country up to date, so not only we have forgotten the way we felt on 9/11, but we have also forgotten world history.

When we made the statement of being a free country whose flag waves in the ruble, we weren’t backing down from freedom, yet here we are 18 years later, and we are sadly becoming a nation of robotic humans who would rather all march to the beat of the same drum rather than being a free nation under God where freedom has one definition, not clauses that can be stretched. 

We now live in a nation that wants to limit freedom when it does not agree with their views. Pro-life advocates are being attacked, people are being censored, people are being protested, people are being boycotted over differences, and our freedom, the freedom we all once loved during 9/11, is diminishing. Is this what we want our nation to turn into when on 9/11, we all stood together hand in hand and had a love for our freedom? 

Where did the appreciation to be born into a free country that isn’t Socialistic or Nomadic go? How far have we forgotten about 9/11 to that we think it is funny to make assassination jokes on the President when 18 years ago, we lost 2,977 Americans to terrorism? 

Have we forgotten the way we felt, the way we thought, and the way we cried? Have we forgotten when we weren’t trying to silence God in everything, when we were truly placing God above all, and where we wanted God in our country rather than being kicked out?

In the end, what is happening in our nation is not a Democrat or a Republican issue, for what is happening is an attack on freedom.

Therefore, I truly pray that America turns around, that we become a nation under God again, that we become a nation that will not allow freedom to become tainted, and that we become a nation that truly understands how blessed we are to be living in a free country, for there are many countries today that do not have the freedom that we have . I pray that the political correctness that has plagued our country ceases, for it is a disease that’s spreading like a wildfire. 

However, many we as Americans gain that same compassion and love that we once had on 9/11, for all stood together, we all cherished our country, and we weren’t shutting each other down due to thinking differently, nor were we giving freedom a different name, but we acted like a nation; a nation united.

May we never forget the lives that were lost on this day eighteen years ago, may we never forget where we were, what we were feeling, and how America stopped all at once. May we all remember how we all watched in pure horror as fellow Americans lost their lives due to an attack on our nation, and may we never forget the price of freedom, for freedom is never free, and due to that reason, we should never forget how it felt when our fellow Americans died, for we are a nation, and may we one day be a nation united under God, for as Ronald Reagan once said, “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.’

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