Dear North Carolina Lawmakers, Life is Necessary

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Another pro-life post, but this needs to be said, for it has hit home, both literally and figuratively. I am unsure if I have made this known, but I’m from North Carolina, and just a few days ago, the vote to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act did not receive enough votes; therefore, babies in the state of North Carolina that are born alive from an abortion are being denied medical help, and the doctors who refuse them help will continue to do so without punishment. Cooper says that the Born Alive Bill is “unnecessary,” which not only makes no logical sense, but it makes my heart angry and sad for the innocent lives that are considered “unnecessary.”

I am unsure of how one can view an innocent life as“unnecessary,” nor I will never understand the lawmakers who did not vote to override the veto when there were people who gave their stories about surviving abortions due to having medical help, but still, the lawmakers still said “No, we think medical help is unnecessary.” “Unnecessary?” That is all they can come up with to defend their reasoning for the deaths of the babies in the state? “Unnecessary” how? How can people sleep at night knowing they voted to support a veto that ultimately harms the unborn? How can those in congress sleep when they vote to have the lives of the unborn killed?

How can you view life as “unnecessary?” I will never understand, nor do I want too, for I will always view life as necessary, I will always view life as a blessing from God, and I will always be a voice for the unborn.

Life is necessary because God formed their inward parts

“For You formed my inward parts;

You covered me in my mother’s womb.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Marvelous are Your works,

And that my soul knows very well.

My frame was not hidden from You,

When I was made in secret,

And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.

And in Your book they all were written,

The days fashioned for me,

When as yet there were none of them.” Psalm 139:13-16

In the womb, God forms a baby’s inward parts, their makeup, their personalities, and their purpose. God knows what eye color they will have, how many hairs the baby will have, and He forms that baby in a meticulous and miraculous way, so yes, life is necessary, for a baby is a work of art created by God, a baby is made in the image of God, and a baby is innocent, pure, and filled with purpose.

God says that babies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and He has a plan for each one of the babies that are conceived. A baby is alive the moment of conception, and this fact can no longer be disputed. It bothers me when humans are more concerned with the lives of animals rather than the lives of the unborn, and while animals are cute, babies have souls, which deserve  more defending in the year of 2019.

The lives of the unborn are necessary for they are humans such as you and I. It boggles my brain that we have to debate on what ‘constitutes” a human being, for these babes have heartbeats, they have emotions, they have souls, and they are alive. Their lives are no more important than you and I, and they deserve to be born due to them having their own bodies; therefore, the phrase “my body, my choice” is flawed, for until you have two hearts, you are not in control of that baby’s life, nor will you ever be.

Life is necessary for all life is inspired by God

“To everything there is a season,

A time for every purpose under heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

I do not believe there are any justifiable excuses for abortion, for God allows all lives that are conceived to be conceived, which means He has a purpose for that baby. Anyways, it is wrong to impose the death sentence upon an innocent baby who did not do a crime. Why kill a baby for doing nothing wrong? Why take away their lives due to the sin of another person when that baby did nothing remotely wrong? With that being said, all life is necessary, for God inspired it.

That baby that kicked in their mother’s stomach has a purpose, that baby who was born out of rape has a purpose, that baby who was conceived out of any situation has purpose, and God is known to make beauty out of tragedy, for if Jesus Christ can defeat the grave, then He can turn any bad situation into a beautiful story. Aborting a baby due to certain circumstance only allows Satan to laugh in God’s face, for the baby has suffered. That baby’s life is necessary, for God thinks it is. If God thinks that a life is necessary to be born, then we should view life as scared regardless of the scenarios.

If God allows a baby to be conceived, then we should defend that baby rather than hinder the work of God, and if God has created a soul, then we should nurture that soul, for one day, that same soul may lead other souls to Christ; therefore, all life is necessary for what seems like a tragedy can become a beautiful story of blessing and healing.

Life is necessary for babies have souls

As mentioned, babes have souls, and those souls will one day either accept Christ or walk the wide path, but as Christians, we should protect these souls so that they may grow up to become godly men and women for Christ. Abortion not only hurts God, but it also limits the number of passionate followers of Christ that could have been on this earth.

Abortion ends any potential a baby may have, abortion steals a life of purpose for a child, and abortion is telling a child “I do it think you are worthy of life.” Liberals claim to be a “supporter of women” when they are killing little girls in the womb, liberals claim to be supporters of the “rights of humans,” yet they allow millions to die each year in the womb, and liberals claim to be all of these things, when in reality, they are hypocrites.

“Open your mouth for the speechless,

In the cause of all who are appointed to die.” Proverbs 31:8

It is quite tragic to see more people concerned about various animals giving birth by watching live streams rather than supporting the life within the womb. We have many people who watch these live streams anticipating the birth of an animal, yet these same people protest for the right to abort babies. Life is necessary, for the unborn deserve to be anticipated just as much as an animal’s birth, for babies have on thing animals do not have, and that is a soul.

Life is necessary for babies have their own hearts and feelings, and they do feel pain

Babies do feel pain, babies do feel abortions, babies do love the sound of their mother’s voice, babies do have emotions, and they do have the capability that you and I both do in the womb; therefore, their lives are necessary, for it is cruel to make a human being suffer such a death. It is sickening that people think that criminals who committed horrendous crimes should not have the lethal injection, yet they do not mind aborting a baby in horrible ways.

These babies feel the pain, yet those who advocate for abortion are more concerned with the way we handle horrible criminals rather than the lives of the innocent. What a sick world we live in where an innocent baby is the one receiving a lethal injection in the brain while horrid criminals are being coddle and “protected” from the punishments they legally deserve in the court of law.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

These same people who coddle criminals, are the same ones who turn their backs on the innocent, and due to this twisted ideology, we should view life as necessary, for our world is out to destroy innocence. Satan has warped the minds of many, and his only goal is to mock God, and what better way for him to do that than to make people think that evil is “good” and good is “evil?”

Life is necessary for the unborn, for life is a good, and anyone who says otherwise supports evil, for there is no sugarcoating at this point, for one must either support good or evil, but you cannot support both while still calling yourself a Christian.

Life is necessary because life is life, and no other man has the right to end what God started

Liberals say “Only God can judge me,” ye they are the first to “play God” by dictating whether a baby should live or die, which is what I call double standards. The amount of double standards that live within our society are shocking, staggering, and sickening. Sadly, the innocent are having to suffer for these double standards when they should not have to suffer at all. The life of the unborn is necessary for no man has the right to end what God has started.

being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;” Philippians 1:6

If God has begun a good work, then do not intervene within His work, for God will not be stopped, nor will He be mocked. Abortion no ontl perverts the greatest gift given to a woman, but it also a mockery to God. Abortion is Satan telling God “I can end what you started,” but we know that is not true, for Jesus won the battle against Satan the moment Christ said “It is finished;” however, due to this victory in Jesus, Satan tries to get revenge by destroying something so miraculous, which is life.

Life is necessary due to it being exactly that; life. Life is necessary, for God created that life, and who are we to tell that life that they are not worthy to live when Christ thought they were worthy to be born? Who are we to end what God started? No one has the power except for God; therefore, as Christians, we must defend the sanctity of life, for if we say we love God, we will defend those who are innocent, which are the little children.

To those in North Carolina, or even those in other states, urge your local congressman, Senators, and lawmakers to stand for life, for babies are dying at staggering rates. One day, we will view abortion like we do the Holocaust, for back in the days of Hitler, many claimed that Jews were not people, and the same is happening with the unborn. One day, our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will sit in classrooms learning about the millions of babies that were murdered due to many thinking their lives were not “necessary,”

“that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:10-11

One day, abortion will be viewed as a dark cloud that covered the earth, one day abortion will be known as one of the most horrific genocides to ever occur, and one day, those who were aborted will finally be heard, for many will shake their head in shame. Most importantly, there will be a day where every knee falls and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. There will be a day where those who fought for immorality will bow their head in shame due to realizing that they had it wrong, and there will be a day where all have to give an account for what they have done.

Until that day comes, we must continue to share the gospel so that those who do not have Him as their personal Savior can accept Him, for now is the time for grace, not later. Stand up for life, stand up for the unborn, and dear Governor Cooper, life is important and necessary, and I pray that God reveals this to your heart, for these babies deserve to live, for if God created them, and giving a baby who is born alive from an abortion medical help is necessary and crucial, for the are humans, and who are we to deem them as “unnecessary?”

I am pro-life, and I shall always be a voice for those who cannot speak, for they deserve to live such as you and I. The same God who rose from the grave also suffered for the unborn, for Christ died for every single soul, He died for everyone’s sins, and He died so that we may fellowship with Him, so if God thinks the unborn are worth dying for, then we should view them as worth fighting for, for their lives will always be important in the eyes of God.

6 thoughts on “Dear North Carolina Lawmakers, Life is Necessary

  1. I did not realize you are from North Carolina. I served 3 different churches in various parts of the state and began my undergrad in Winston-Salem. I did not understand how much liberalism permeates the state until I pastored there in 2013. I met tons of great people across the state who are solidly conservative, and I look forward to making my annual trip to Black Mountain on July 4 to see friends I pastored in Bladen County. Thank you for speaking out on this subject! We desperately need to pray for our leaders and contact them.

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    1. That’s so nice to hear! Winston-Salem is beautiful, and it has been a family vacation spot a few times within the past! However, I’m more East of the Raleigh area, which is also quite nice. Though we do have some liberal ideologies in the state, there are a good amount of fellow Conservatives, which is always good to see! I hope you have a safe trip here on July 4! God bless you!

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  2. Abortion should not occur in a healthy gestation, of a healthy woman and man, in a healthy society.
    Public and educational policies should prevent the occurrence of abortion as a contraceptive method because it is not; it is a syndrome of social anomie and proof of the failure of the present civilization to treat the species itself with dignity.
    Currently, the use and monetization of stem cells have been an X factor for facilitating abortion.
    Without exaggeration, this is a bigger problem than a state or a country. It’s a global problem.

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  3. The New York government has approved legislation extending abortion rights, which can now be legally carried out until birth if the fetus is considered “unfeasible.”
    “The Reproductive Health Act is an extremist bill, sold to the public as an action that only ‘updates’ New York law, which is far from true,” the group said in a statement. “The law will expand 24-week abortion to birth, making abortion a ‘fundamental right’ and banning all boundaries, which Roe v. Wade did not. ”


    1. “The New York State Right to Life Committee warned that the bill would invalidate “limits on abortion” and “order everyone to participate in the culture of death.” idem


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