There Is A Cloud

There is one song that I have been playing over and over non-stop for the past few days, and it’s “There Is A Cloud,” by Elevation Church and it’s absolutely wonderful! It’s so powerful, and I am in pure tears when I listen to it each time I listen to it!

For the past few weeks, my walk with Christ has received much growth. It’s as if a down pour of rain has covered my entire walk with Christ, which brought forth more growth and desire for Him. Am I the only one who’s felt that way at times? Over the past week, I’ve been very hungry, and at first, I thought it was physical hunger, but then I soon realized that it was my soul.

My soul was hungering more of God more than it ever did before. While I was in the depths of sickness these past few days, God began to speak to me as I tried to recuperate. In just the past few days, God has taken me through Esther twice, Ephesians, Galatians, and He is now taking me through Mark for a third time!

And I haven’t been able to stop, and I continuously hunger for Him, and though there are times where I can barely keep my eyes open from pain, whenever it comes to reading Scripture and growing my relationship with Him, He gives me the strength to not fall apart, and He keeps me together.

There are so many people who’s walks with Christ are dried out, are in the desert, are in a place where they feel like there is a drought. God is always ready to pour His love and presence upon us, but we must be the ones to be willing to ask for that! God will only work in us if our hearts are directed towards Him.

We cannot be half in and half out when it comes to God! If you don’t feed the hunger your heart has for Him, then it will eventually become numb. The more you deny your heart’s desire for Him, the more distant you are at hearing His voice, and then when you are in the middle of nowhere, you wonder where God went.

 Therefore say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Return to Me,” says the Lord of hosts, “and I will return to you,”” Zechariah 1:3

God didn’t go anywhere. In fact, God is all around us, but when we think God isn’t there, then it is us that left Him. He never leaves us, He never wants us in a drought, and He wants us to return to Him, but it is by our decisions that leave us dry, empty, and confused.

Many people think that their walk with Christ will be easy, but that is far from the truth, for when you follow Christ, you have to deny your flesh, the world, and you must be willing to give up everything.

You will also find yourself in many heartbreaking situations, situations where you don’t know the answer, times where you want to turn back the clock, but in those moments, you must still be willing to receive God’s love.

The integrity of the upright will guide them,
But the perversity of the unfaithful will destroy them.” Proverbs 11:3

Many people like to shut God’s love out and blame God. A lot of people blame God for the tragedies in their lives and then other people shake their fists at God, but then these are the same people who wonder why they don’t feel the presence of God.

They were the ones who shut God out, and that is where the drought comes from.

When I was a freshman in high school, my Bible teacher once asked us “Where is God,” and I told him that God is everywhere, but it is up to us to receive Him, listen to Him, and to acknoweldge His presence.

God is around you right now, and whether you feel like He is there or not does not change the fact that He is around you. He will always be there, and He is always ready to poor a flood of love over you, a flood of mercy over you, a flood of rain over you, and a flood of desire in your heart.

All you have to do is ask, and you will receive! When it comes to yearning more for Him, He will fuel your desire, He will make Himself present, He will reveal things to you, and it is truly the most wonderful thing you can have! A relationship with Him is unlike any relationship, and no matter how much we may fall, He always forgives.

 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

No matter how much we yell, scream, walk away, or find ourselves in the desert, God is willing to forgive and embrace us in love.

How amazing is God? No matter how many times you fall, He will forgive you, pick you up, and never let go of you! He truly is a good Father, and I cannot thank Him enough.

To those who feel like they are walking through a desert or feel like God is not there, ask Him for a flood of mercy, love, grace, and hunger for Him, and the floodgates will fly open! You will be overwhelmed with a hunger like never before, and you’ll find yourself never being able to put Scripture down, never being able to stop praying, and you’ll see and feel God in every aspect of your heart, life, and purpose!

Receive His rain, receive His love, and let Him fill your heart with a never-ending desire for Him!

That song, “There Is A Cloud,” randomly began playing as I was reading Mark, and it sums up the desire I have in my heart, and I hope you receive His rain as well! His rain will cause you to grow, flourish, and will never leave you gasping for air.

There is a cloud,

and it’s full of grace, mercy, love, and growth.

All you have to do is receive it.




13 thoughts on “There Is A Cloud

  1. Amen! Thanks for posting this! My soul has also been hungering. I’ve been spending way more time with God and I just have this desire to spend as much time as I can with Him. I’m clinging to Him as tight as I can.

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    1. His messages are very powerful, and I hope to visit Elevation sometime in the near future! I love the song “Mighty Cross” as well! It’s another one of my favorites! I bought the album earlier today, and it’s wonderful!

      God bless you, and have a wonderful night! 🙂

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      1. I agree! I like the Ballantyne campus where I can see him live. Though I do like the broadcast, I’d love to see him in person, so I hope to make a travel up there to see him! I know must be wonderful hear him in person!

        God bless you! 🙂

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  2. The Lord Reigns beyond the horizon that we can see or understand, and have the domain of the possible and the impossible. This is the environment of faith, and only faith can accompany His development.
    From Him will come strength, guidance, support, protection, rest and blessings, so that we depend exclusively on Him, and no one else, or ourselves.

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