To My 17 Year Old Sister

If I could go back to being a 17 year old, I would tell myself “Don’t rush the clock, for it goes by too fast.” Time does go by fast, and when I was a teen around 17, I was so ready to get out of those years. Personally, I felt like no one was taking my opinions seriously, I was viewed as unintelligent due to being “young,” and I was wanting to skip 18 and 19 very quickly.

Well, here I am now at 20 years old, and I realize how I have rushed life instead of enjoying the time God has given me. I rushed it, I was telling God “I am not happy with this, please take me to the next stage in life.” Believe it or not, but each day is a day God gave you, so you should embrace it!

I would tell my 17 year old sister that, because it is true. My sister and I have gotten very close over the past few weeks by having late night talks, her telling be her fears, her telling me things she’s never told anyone, and she’s also expressed many other things.

My sister has been constantly telling me about how she wants to be in college, how she wants to be an adult, how she wishes she could swap places with me, but then I tell her that it’s not all that it cracks out to be.

I had to grow up very fast. My dad died a year ago, and it caused me to have to grow up. I had to take the reigns to my life and decide that “Either I make it or I break it.” I had to continue to have college as my dream and my goal, I got into a big ordeal with the IRS about tax papers, I had to take out a loan on my own with no guidance at all from anyone, I had to deal with medical ordeals, and I had to make big financial decisions for myself.

That is what life is like, and I wish I would have enjoyed the carefree days of my teens. I now worry about bills, making my money stretch, and I’m trying to get advice onto how to keep my student loan debt very low as I endure my college days! It is very stressful, and my sister thinks that being the big 2-0 is all fun and games, but really, the older you get, the more you grow up.

Growing up isn’t always fun for there will be challenges.

On the other hand, life has great things such as marriage, children, and family, but then you have other things like bills, finances, mortgages, car loans, the stock market, and inflation! I learned very quickly about inflation when I experienced it first hand on my own dime. I now wake up thinking “I wonder how the stocks are doing” because the condition of the stock market is the condition of your money.

To my sister, enjoy being a high schooler, enjoy having crushes on the guys in your classes, enjoy hanging out with your friends at the bowling alley, enjoy the days where you hate your math teacher for giving you homework on the weekend, enjoy youth group, and enjoy your teen years, for they are the most carefree years you will ever have.


I took advantage of mine in a lot of ways, and I did not really get to enjoy them. I was wanting to grow up, I was wanting to be taken seriously, I was wanting to be at different seasons in my life, but I wasn’t realizing that God put me in those seasons for a reason.

“To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Everything has a purpose and a season, and the teen years are a season that I hated. Who knows how many opportunities I missed due to rushing them and to not enjoying them! I now embrace the season I am in by using it to testify who Christ is, how He heals, and how amazing God is!

I want to use every single day I am given to show people the love of Christ, for He is truly amazing! When it comes to the future, we shouldn’t rush anything, we shouldn’t rush life, and we shouldn’t be in a hurry, but we should be thankful for the time given right now.

“Also it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge,
And he sins who hastens with his feet.” Proverbs 19:2

When we desire without knowledge, we will be misguided and our feet will take us a different direction. When we are in a rush, we are refusing to learn what we need to learn to get to that area in life. We cannot expect jump seasons without having knowledge on that area. God put us in our current season for He has lessons for us to learn, and until we learn those lessons, we should not rush the clock or else we will be guiding ourselves blindly into the unknown.

I want my sister to enjoy being a 17 year old girl, because I didn’t enjoy that time of my life. When I was 17, it wasn’t that long after a horrible relationship I was in and I was confused with what I wanted to do in life.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

No matter if you are a teen or are in different stages of life, enjoy the time you are in even if you wish you weren’t in that season. God has a reason for everything, and He has a lesson for you right now, so trust Him! Trust that God knows the desires of your heart and that all things work out for your good! Instead of us wanting to push the clock, let’s love God completely, for when we do, all things will work out, all things will be better than what we envisioned, and God’s plans for us will become a reality!

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