The True Depiction of a Conservative Woman

Disclaimer: You do not have to agree with this post, so please do not get the idea of “You must agree.” These are my views and my views alone, and you are free to have your own views, and you are more than welcome to add your own opinions to this discussion as well! This was written to show you what a Conservative lady looks like, so here’s an insight! I’ve been getting a lot of backlash lately, and I want to speak out.

I am a Conservative woman.

I am a Republican. 

I am still a human unlike many people think, but I advocate for freedom, the Constitution, the rights of the unborn, and many other policies and actions that the Left is wanting to throw down the drain.

I am a Conservative, and the media, the Left, and feminists are trying to tell you that that women like me are “bigots,” “horrible people,” or “dumb,” but here’s the real depiction of a Conversative woman.

As a godly lady, I cannot stand on the side of the Left. Now, I know that there is a “Separation between Church and State,” but on my own moral compass, I cannot stand on the Left and be sound in my heart for I would feel conviction each time I stood for the policies of the Left, but again, these are my stances and you are free to your own beliefs!

However, I get many comments everyday from people about my stances. I am called “hateful,” “bigoted,” or other terms, and that is not true. Just because I support Conservative policies, foreign polices, or actions does not make me a heartless gut-wrenching human being.

I am a Conservative because I do not believe I am a victim to society and I do not believe in a big government. However, I am a supporter of fiscal responsibility and I believe in a small, limited government. I also do not need feminism because my worth is found in Christ and I do not have time to worry about issues that have already been absolved in 1963. Am I shaming other women? No, but I believe I have the same Constitutional rights as a man does, because it has been proven that women have the same opportunity as. men, so I will not march the streets for useless protests where women are degrading themselves with foul language or non-classy behavior when the problems were solved in 1963 with the Equal Pay Act.

Now, does that make me a “bashful woman?” No, for I do not bash those who disagree with me or who have other stances, because I have several friends who tell me that they have other views, and as an American, you have the right to have your own view, but why am I called a “bigot” or other terms when I have my own views that are different from “Hollywood,” late night talk show hosts, or the rest of society? Why do people resort to personal attacks or personal verbiage instead of keeping things on a civil basis?

“He who tills his land will be satisfied with bread,
But he who follows frivolity is devoid of understanding.” Proverbs 12:11

I support Capitalism, which in other words has a meaning of “hard work pays off.” That is also why I am a Conservative. I believe that we all have to sweat and work hard to get to where we want to be, and you cannot expect it handed to you. I had a conversation with someone on the Left the other day, and they told me that they disagree and, again, she began to bash my character, and her opposition is one of the many reasons why I am a Conservative. I believe in Capitalism, and I believe that competitiveness is a big factor where either you fight to stay on top or you let the competition overthrow you, and you must work to get to where you are going.

This is also the walk of a believer. You cannot expect your walk with Christ to grow if you never take the effort to ask for conviction, to read the Scriptures, and to have Him work on you. The life of a believer mimics this, so if you disagree with working hard to stay on top, then how can you agree that you must strive to be like Christ no matter how tough life gets? You cannot condemn hard work in America, but then support striving to be like Christ in your faith, for this is an oxymoron! This kind of double standard is why I am a Conservative.

Again, does this make me a “bashful woman?” No, it does not, and if I am called that, then that means that someone isn’t willing to have a civil political discussion. When you use personal attacks like that, it shows that you cannot add to the conversation, and that is another reason why I am a Conservative.

I believe in being civil, in not calling people “names” because they have opposing views, and I also do not believe in threatening the life of our President, which is a crime, and I do not believe in fabricating fake news stories or exaggerating them to try to “stir the pot.” This is not being civil adults, this is not being mature, and this shows how our society lacks a moral compass.

Yes, I am a Conservative, I wear it like a badge, I make my political views very known, and I am and will always be a Conservative for I believe that Conservatives have the American people truly on their minds and wants to better their lives!

So here’s the record; as a Conservative lady, I speak for all of my fellow ladies who are also Conservative! We support pro-life, we do not need feminism, we believe in a limited government, we believe in hard work and keeping our country a Capitalist nation, and we also believe in being civil and discussing policy and ideas in a way that bring grace and elegance to the table.

As a woman who is aspiring to be a Proverbs 31 woman, I am to be wise and to be kind at the same time. I will not “name call” or stoop down to a level that takes kindness away. You can be firm and kind at the same time, so don’t forget that!

 Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

So to all of my fellow Conservative ladies, let’s wear our beliefs like a badge just like our faith, and in the end, make sure to keep God in everything, for everything you do is for His glory!

To those who disagree with this post, that is fine, for you are free to have your own political affiliations! Those who are serving our country, or have served our country in the past, are risking their lives to ensure that you have the ability to be able to voice your views, but remember, that though you have the freedom to do so, you must not let it go to your head and begin name calling or letting your emotions overrule you! I’m always up for a political discussion that is civil and fact based, but when emotions get involved, that’s where the problems begin.

Again, do all things for God’s glory, and that means everything, and don’t ever let anyone belittle you even if you are the only one standing up for something. God will give you strength and refuge to stand, so don’t be afraid, for He is with you!

I am a Conservative lady,

I am a Republican,

And this is where I will always stand.



2 thoughts on “The True Depiction of a Conservative Woman

  1. Your blog is very well written and has hallmarks that hit close to home. As time moves forward I find myself becoming more and more fed up with both the Left and Right. I believe that both the far-Left and far-Right are threat to our great nation and our civil liberties. I see the media as the main source of grief and leaves nothing but a destructive wake of carnage with its commercial reporting and fear mongering. However, I know there are media agencies that report the local, regional, or world news devoid of bias. The thought of CNN, CNBC, RT, Al-Jazeera, and Fox sicken me as I sit and hear “experts” continue to scare our populous.

    As for the Lord, we continue to move away from him and his teachings. He is merely a relic to upcoming generations who believe in materialism and skewed ideas. Largely in part to blurred education systems, but that is a whole other topic. Science is the pursuit of facts and religion is a belief, people cannot separate the two and have meaningful or positive debates without attacking each other or becoming “triggered”. All sides need to be heard and their input collected, but sadly that is not happening.

    People want tolerance and equal rights when they cannot even hold a positive discussion. Logic is overruled by emotion and that breeds anger and misunderstanding. But the biggest tragedy is the loss of common sense and courtesy. These are dying commodity and principal that made the generation following World War 2 as the “greatest generation” for good reason, common sense and courtesy thrived. As did love and the understanding of our Lord. Let’s look at the facts “In God we trust”.

    Keep up the great work and darn good post.


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