Be A Woman of Christ

This isn’t going to be another post about how to be a godly woman for I’ve written a good amount of those types of posts, but recently, I rededicated and renewed my promise to my Heavenly Father to be a woman of Christ for this is something that my passion has grown even more in! Since I am twenty, new chapters will open in my life, and I want to remain virtuous in each life event that I will endure, so what better way than to rededicate myself?

I want to be a woman of Christ in character, in the way I uphold myself in situations, in humility, in trials, in speech, and in everything. I dedicate my time to the Scriptures a whole lot more now, I listen and read things that pertain the gospel and are good for my walk with Him, and I yearn for more of Christ!

As I get older, I want my walk to grow stronger, to make me wiser, and to become everything that He wants me to be! Therefore, I want to do everything possible that will make me stronger.

“But now, O Lord,
You are our Father;
We are the clay, and You our potter;
And all we are the work of Your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

He is changing me for the better! He is shaping me into the lady He wants me to be, the woman I am supposed to be, and the path He taking me down is a path that has brought me pure joy and I couldn’t be anymore happier!

So here’s for the record, I have rededicated my passion to Him, I have made new promises and renewed pervious promises, and I am asking for Him to hold me at a great responsibility to keep these promises, and if I am to falter, I ask for conviction so I can be corrected.

I promise to be honest, chaste, kind, and work to help others in every way that is possible. I promise to be virtuous in all things; in prayer, in life, in reading the Scriptures, and even when just doing everyday activities. All things are meant to be done for His glory, so I want to do all things with virtue.

As I’m going through new phases, my life has changed in the best way possible, my faith has grown, I have new godly desires, and I am better due to the Scriptures! I am stronger in Him, I am more of the woman He wants me to be, and I am also wiser than I have ever been before!

Throughout the events that will come into my life, I want to remain godly during those times! Through happy times or in times of struggles, I will remain strong in the faith that I know to be true, for it gives me pure joy each moment of the day!

“You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

Though the storms may rage, I will be unshaken. As a woman of Christ, I will remain strong and anchored in my faith and trust God. Since I know that the future will probably be filled with both happy times and trials, I have decided to rededicate myself, to renew or make new promises, and to examine my walk to see if I am truly being a woman of Christ!

So here’s to the new horizons, the new events, and to the new life phases, I want to endure them with the upmost character and with humility! I want to remain a woman of Christ, I want to have a faith that is so strong that it is unshakable, and I will depend on His strengths! As I get older, I want my desire for Him to grow as well, so I will dedicate time to the Scriptures, ask for conviction of any traits that need to be changed, and strive to be all that He wants me to be.

I’m at the age where roads diverge and people go their own ways. Some choose to continue to pick up their cross and follow Him while others put their cross down, but with me, I choose to pursue Christ, to grow in Christ, and to be like Him, so what better way than to renew that commitment?

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