Though I Am Not Married, I Still Respect My Future Husband

I’m pretty sure many people are wondering what on earth I am even talking about right now, but let’s think about it. Somewhere on this earth, your spouse is out there breathing the same air as you and looking at the same moon as you. Though I may be single and I don’t have a man right now, I do believe that God has someone for me out there; therefore, I am respecting him by putting boundaries on myself.

“Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.” 1 Corinthians 6:18

By boundaries, I mean limitations on what I do or not do even though I am single. When it comes to purity, I am respecting my future husband by keeping myself pure. If he is keeping himself pure for me, then I am going to do the same. This is what I mean by respect. If you expect your spouse to be pure, to be honest, to be loving, then you have to be the same.

However, this is a lesson that people do not get. Our society believes that we can do whatever we want when we are “unattached,” but it’s hurting your marriage bed. I remember going to a purity event six years ago, and the analogy they used was spot on. The more people you sleep with, them more people you are bringing into your marriage! Degrading, right? Why would you want to bring a string of people into your marriage? In conclusion, it is better to be pure when you are unattached so you do not bring multiple people into your marriage.

“For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body[a] and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

This is the part that many people begin to walk away from. We should respect our bodies even though society says we can do whatever we want with them. Just because God gave you your body, that does not mean you go and flaunt it. Therefore, this doesn’t only have to deal with respecting your future spouse, but it also deals with being an example to your daughters.

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6:19

When you flaunt your body and parade it with no self-respect when you are single and alone, what is that teaching your daughters? “How does this deal with my future spouse?” Personally, and I quote that this is my personal boundary on myself, if I were to flaunt way to much of my body, I am basically allowing anyone to see me as less than what I am worth. In other words, I would basically be saying “Hey, I don’t care who sees my body because I don’t care,” which is wrong! As a believer in Christ, I am to be modest, classy, and be a living example.

My future spouse probably wants a woman who finds her worth in Christ, and if I were to flaunt the body that God gave me in an unholy light, then that shows that I don’t care about my worth, which is somewhat disrespectful because my future spouse probably wants me to be like Christ and not like the world.

“in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility,  sound speech that cannot be condemned, that one who is an opponent may be ashamed, having nothing evil to say of you.” Titus 2:7-8

Like I said early, I am to be classy, modest, and a God fearing young woman, and I will not do anything to hinder that. If I want a God fearing man, then he will want a God fearing woman; therefore, I have to respect his wishes too.  We all think that godly expectations are a one way street, but they aren’t. If I want a godly man, I have to be godly too. If I want him to be respectful, I have to be respectful too. 

Therefore, this is what I mean by respecting my future spouse even though I’m not even in a relationship. You don’t have to wait until you are married to respect the one God has for you. Though I have met many who disagree with my stance on this, I will not change my view. If I can’t respect my future spouse now, then what makes me think I can respect him later when we are married? Therefore, I will respect him by putting boundaries on myself and growing in my relationship with Christ, because if I want a godly marriage, I have to be godly, because godly people do not want ungodly people. 


5 thoughts on “Though I Am Not Married, I Still Respect My Future Husband

    1. I do know that there are people who choose to remain single forever for the Kingdom of God, which Paul was one of those people. God is the one who determines our future, so it is up to Him to determine whether we get married or not, but there is one thing for sure, His plans for us will be the best plans that we could ask for.

      We can keep ourselves pure by putting boundaries on ourselves and by thinking on things that are noble, of good report, and pure, which is mentioned in Philippians 4:8. We can also pray to the Lord when we are tempted, for He will deliver us when temptations come our way. All in all, when we fill our minds with Jesus, we are able to withstand the ploys of the devil.

      I hope I did my best in answering your questions!

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