God Does Not Call Us to Be Comfortable; He wants us Uncomfortable.

God doesn’t want us to be comfortable where we are. God wants us to uncomfortable, but not in the way you think. God wants us to always seek Him and to always want to grow stronger in Him. Being comfortable with where we are at in our faith stunts out growth in Him. We all have things that God is not proud of, so why should we be “comfortable” with that? Many Christians say “I am comfortable where I am at, and I’m okay with staying right here because I don’t need any growth right now” If you have that standpoint, Christ cannot lead you deeper into His Word.

Living the Christian life is not going to be easy, for you have a sinful world that is against your faith. The world itself should make you uncomfortable, which should spark the desire to spread the love of Christ to as many people as possible. Being comfortable is very easy to fall into, but we must always stay alert on our faith!

Christ doesn’t want us to stay at one part of our walk and never move. That would be like stopping at a rest stop and never leaving. God makes us uncomfortable so He can continue to mold us and shape us. When we live in a constant state of being comfortable, we block Him from teaching us, strengthening us, and molding us. 

“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” Ephesians 4:30

When we are comfortable, we are grieving the Holy Spirit. Conviction isn’t comfortable, so if you are constantly comfortable, then something is wrong. We need to ask God to take us out of our comfort zones. When we do this, we will have conviction, we will see that our walk with Christ should and needs to be much stronger than what it is, and we will become the person that God wants us to become.

When we grieve the Holy Spirit, we are more susceptible to falling astray, getting into things we should not get into, and stunting our growth in Christ. When Christ told Peter to walk on water, Peter had to step out of his comfort zone and listen to Christ. However, he doubted God for he thought he would drown. Soon enough, he began sinking for He didn’t trust God.

That is what will happen when we are okay with being comfortable in our current situations. When Christ commands us to do something, but we decided not to due to us being comfortable, we will not be able to witness or do what God had in store for us, which hurts us and our walk with Him.

     “Do not quench the Spirit.” 1 Thessalonians 5:19

We are commanded to not quench the Spirit; therefore, we must always stay in constant communication with God, be willing to be under conviction, and always be willing to give up things that are hindering our walk with Him. When we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about Christ, we will then be in continuous prayer of how we can be better, how we can strengthen our walk with Christ, and how we can avoid being comfortable in the future. 

Being comfortable “seems” nice, but in all actuality, it is hurting your relationship with Christ. A relationship with Christ will not always be easy. You will have your battles, but that is where faith comes in. When we accept being comfortable, we grieve the Holy Spirit. When we no longer hear His voice, we will feel all alone. When we accept being comfortable, sin becomes more appealing to us due to us not being willing to be under conviction. 

We all have moments where we don’t want to move or we do not want to do something God wants us to do, but when God tells us to do something or convicts us of something, we better listen, for there will be consequences if we disobey Him. When we get into this habit of not wanting to get uncomfortable, we must pray for an uncomfortable spirit so God can convict us of the things that need to be addressed in our lives. When we are uncomfortable, we allow God to make us into the godly servants He wants us to be, which will bring the most satisfaction that you will ever receive.

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