Godly Expectations Go Both Ways When It Comes to Dating

We all dream of the wedding bells, the wedding gown, the man at the end of the aisle, and a life full of memories with the love of our lives, but before we get to that point, we need to set some standards not just on what we want in a spouse, but on ourselves!

In today’s day, you have desperation everywhere. You have people who jump from relationship to relationship, from bed to bed, and from marriage to marriage. We should not be that way! We should obtain standards on our lives and wait for the right person that God has for us!

As godly ladies, we want godly men, but godly men also want godly ladies so we must fit that role as well. We must work on our walk with Christ if we want to be with a godly man. We can’t expect a man to be godly when we aren’t godly ourselves! The cards go both ways and not just one way. 

     “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

Before we ever enter a relationship, we must learn to put ourselves last. Before we enter any relationship, we should have Christ at the focus of our lives and not on ourselves! If we can’t put Christ first in our relationship with Him, how do we expect to put a godly man first? How do we expect to be selfless? 

     “Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul,” 1 Peter 2:11

We must learn self control and we must learn to say “No” to the lusts which can destroy our soul. There are many lustful sins in this world, and we must be strong enough in our walk with Christ to say “No” to them. How do you expect to maintain a godly relationship when you can’t say no to worldly pleasures? How do you expect to have a godly relationship when you are living an ungodly lifestyle? If you want a godly man, you must be able to say “No” to the ungodly things that come your way!

We must have the desire to obtain the same standards! If we want a man who is strong in Christ, we must be strong in Christ. If we want a man who is honorable, we must be honorable. If we want a man who is selfless, we must be selfless. We cannot expect all of these godly expectations if we do not have them ourselves! 

We must strengthen our relationship with Jesus, and we must make sure that we allow Christ to make us the godly lady that the man of our dreams would want. Instead of just saying “I want a godly man,” say “I must be godly if I want a godly man.” If we put ourselves under the same expectations, we will not be disappointed!

All around, you see girls going out there and dating random guys out of desperation because they aren’t putting standards on themselves. If we hold ourselves to a higher standard, then we won’t fall into desperation for we know we want someone better than what we are!

If you are godly, you’ll want someone that is even more godlier than you! If you are humble, then you will want someone who is more humble. If you are selfless, then you will want someone who is even more selfless. We are drawn to be with someone who is our better half! We all want someone who will make us grow stronger in Christ and who will make us a better person!

    “Examine me, O Lord, and prove me;
Try my mind and my heart.” Psalm 26:2

We should allow Jesus to examine our hearts. We should ask Him to bring up the things we need to change in our lives, in our hearts, and in our minds! We must ask Him for guidance in areas where we need work on! Christ knows you better than you know yourself, so you should confide in Him! 

In order to be in a godly relationship, you must be godly as well. Godly expectations are not just a one way street! A godly man wants a godly woman, so you need to examine yourself. “Am I godly?” “Would I reach the standards of godly man?” “Do I have the same traits that I want in a spouse?”

These are questions you need to ask yourself! The next time you think about all the characteristics you want your future husband to have, take time to see if you have them as well. When you realize that you are lacking in that area, you should pray for Jesus to help you in that area. When you work on your walk with Christ, that will shine through and be attractive! Therefore, while you’re dreaming about wedding bells, also be deep into God’s Word and put your love life in God’s hands, because He will let the right man cut in at the right time! 

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